Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Sunday, August 26, 2007

And I mean that in a good way!

Last week I tried to write an email in Italian. I had to use Google Translate to help out as a bit of a phrasebook, but I think I got the idea across without too much ambiguity. If you type a whole sentence into it, you get some weird things back that just don't make any sense, but by doing phrases and little snippets and making up the sentences myself as correct as I remember how to, I think it came across OK. I got this response back from my Super Dave Osborne/Evel Knievel cousin Massimo:

"sei stato molto fortunato nell'incidente ma noi Faccin siamo dei duri,mai paura!!!!"

This translates roughly to "you were very lucky in the accident, but us Faccins are hard as nails and afraid of nothing!!!!" This ties in nicely to what I said in a post a couple weeks ago:

"I've heard a few "you're not invincible, you know." To those naysayers, I say this: "I was hit by a car at about 25-30mph while I was doing 20-25mph and more or less walked away from it. I FUCKING AM invincible! Aside from the cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises, shock and road rash, I didn't have one broken bone, not one fracture. Jesus H Christ, my bones might even be made out of Adamantium for all I know! I'm just waiting for someone to really get under my skin and see if blades pop out of my knuckles! I've already got the sideburns for it!"

Carrying on this tradition, is my cousin Antonio, who's pulling off his best Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson impression:


If this picture doesn't look like it belongs in the dictionary under attitude, then I don't know what. Following along in the footsteps of daredevils like my dad (motorcycle accident scars on his left arm and leg), my cousin Massimo (multiple motorcycle accidents and a spectacular Ferrari crash), my cousin Francesco's car accident, my little brother Tony's escapades and my own multiple road rash scars and permanent bumps, I'm sure Antonio will be leaving his mark on the world soon enough. To get the next gen going, I just found out that I'm going to be an uncle this December to a little boy, tentatively named Anthony, who I'm sure will be an ass-kicker and name-taker as well if his father is any indication. :)

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I got the usual screen, validation required, so I clicked on Validate Now and of course it couldn't run because I was using Firefox and it used an ActiveX control to test your system. At least it's smart enough now to recognize that you're using a browser other then IE and prompt you to download the plug-in for Firefox to allow it to run. I downloaded it, installed it, ran it and.. validation failed.
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Monday, August 20, 2007
Update: The Cayman NHC issued the all-clear at 1630 local time, today 20/08/2007 Curfew was lifted a few minutes ago at 1400 local. We tempted fate (and a $2000 fine and/or 2 years in prison) to make a run down to the Yacht Club to check on Gordy's boat. It was all good. I had my camera in the underwater case so we shot some pictures and some video of the big waves starting to come in on the west side.
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We're pretty much out of the shit, now. Closest Point of Approach was about 9am this morning give or take. It's still windy out there, maybe 20-25mph and some higher gusts. Our carpark is dry. There were some squalls earlier around 5am but not right now. We have a couple trees down out back.

About five minutes ago I heard noise outside and looked and saw a big front-end-loader turning around in our driveway, and he drove off somewhere following a big pickup truck.

As the winds shift now to the south, the waves will pick up and start affecting the south coast. High tide was earlier today about the same time as the CPA. Forecast storm surge for cayman now is only 1-3 feet on an ebbing tide but 16-20 ft waves.

I just saw some people walking down our street. Curfew is still in effect though. They turned around and came back, maybe there's a police checkpoint at the corner of Hell and Town Hall Roads. I'm getting hungry now so I think Im going to go make some lunch and see what's on the boob tube with John. Later on I may venture out down to the 4-way stop and see what the sea is doing.

I think I'm going to permanently mount my weather station stuff when this all dies down, with the anemometer on the cable tv mast on the roof. I'll call the page "How's the weather in Hell?" :)

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it's 7am, the closest point of approach isn't for another two hours, but I don't think it's going to get much worse than this. I woke up at 5 to thunder, lightning and pounding rain, but now it's mostly just windy. I would venture a guess (without getting out of bed and going outside) to be 40-50mph winds.

I took a 10 second video clip just for you, Derek, but it's pretty lame, so I didn't upload it anywhere :) the trees are doing aerobics, but they're green leafy trees, not palm trees.

I've opened the blinds now, so I'm laying in bed watching the tops of the trees bob around. It should continue to get worse until about 9am and then start slacking off til about 5 or 6 tonight. As it swings past us and the winds shift around to the south, the waves will start to pound the south coast and the southern-facing West Bay peninsula which is where I live, but I'm inland.

If you want to look on Google Earth, the coordinates of the trees I'm looking at is in the kmz file attached below. From there you can poke around the rest of Cayman seeing where things are in relation to where I am.

The Trees.kmz (.64 KB)
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Sunday, August 19, 2007

It's midnight now. Water is off, power is on. I went outside to take a whizz (no flushing toilets, it's good to be a member of NO MA'AM sometimes.) and check on the conditions a little while ago and get this: the sky is clear and there are lots of stars out. Every now and then you could see a lightning flash wayyyyyyy far away but so far away that you can only make out what general direction it's coming from.

It's windy outside, but not terrible or anything, yet. Trees are moving, bushes are rustling and my anemometer is spinning around much like I'm sure John's bed is now after he drank a whole bottle of red wine on his own and then decided it would be a good idea to open the new bottle of Jack Daniels :)

I'm exhausted from all the work over the past few days, so I'm going to sign off here for the night and get some sleep. If the shit hits the fan in the middle of the night, I'll post it here when I get a chance, but I have a feeling the next post is going to be something like "it's 11:00am, I just woke up and according to the storm track, it's as close as it's going to get. I'll be back in awhile after I go cook some breakfast" or something like that.

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It's dark out, and the lights are on still, so the only thing you'd see in the window pane is the reflection of "300", The Transformers, Oceans 13, or whatever else John picked up at the little pirate movie shop down at the corner.

I did set up the Weather Jeep earlier, but I had it mounted 90 degrees off, and because it's in the courtyard of our apartment complex, it mostly spun in circles, but the speed reading was about right. Pressure, temperature and humidity were more or less accurate as well. The batteries are probably low in it and the wireless signal was a bit weak, but it works. I plugged it in to my desktop computer (it's old and only has a serial connection, rather than USB) and wondered if the software would with Windows Vista, and it did, sort of.

The interface software worked, but the jpg creation/web wasn't talking to the interface software. I dowloaded the upgrades and then NOTHIN worked! :) I played with it for a few hours and then said fuck it. :) I have the receiver/display unit, so I'll post data based on that, it just won't be automated. had a press release saying that Cayman Water Company was waiting until the 4:00 NHC meeting to decide what they were doing. After that they decided to cut the water off at 9:00. I had already taken a nice long hot shower and then filled the tub. Nothing about CUC proactively turning off the power though.

Right now they're expecting 60-70mph sustained winds, and 1-2 inches of rain between 2am tonight and 5pm tomorrow. By then the winds should drop below the 35mph tropical storm threshold. I think what's going to happen is I'm going to wake up tomorrow, after sleeping in, look out the window and say "Shit I missed it!"

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From the NHC:


From Stormcarib's "How Close Can It Get?" applet:

Results for Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (19.28N, 81.35W):
The approximate Closest Point of Approach (CPA) is located near 18.4N, 81.6W or about 63.7 miles (102.4 km) from your location. The estimated time of when the center of the storm will be at that location is in about 25.3 hours (Monday, August 20 at 12:18PM EDT).

I guess that's like being strapped down to a table while someone holds a circular saw 1/4" away from your face... you're going to feel it, but you're not going to get hurt by it. Or so the thought goes. A lot of people are perkier today thinking that we might be spared completely, but the tropical storm force winds extend out 205 miles, so that's a storm diameter of 410 miles. At 18mph, that means from the time we start feeling the effect to the time that it clears up again is 22 hours at up to almost hurricane strength winds, with of course higher gusts. Storm surge is also a concern, the last update says seven to nine feet so if we're right at the edge of the hurricane wind field, we should have minimal surge, but still pretty massive wave action.

Of course, it could wobble close enough to throw the entire previous parargraph to the wind (haa, I'm funny, I know) and bring that buzzsaw ashore here in Grand Cayman.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

What is it about hurricanes that makes me quote Jack Burton so much?

Hurricane Warning has been issued for the Cayman Islands which means we can start feeling hurricane-force winds within 24 hours.

Game on.

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We're still under a watch, it'll be updated to a warning overnight because it's expected to hit early Monday morning. There's not much to post, there's only so much weather channel and NHC NOAA web pages you can read. They're all the same. Impending doom. I was looking for a picture of the clock in the Harry Potter books that points to MORTAL PERIL but I'm so friggin tired I just can't be arsed at the moment.

I went by the airport today... holy sheetrock! Probably not the best week to stop sniffing glue if you're an ATC operator. There was a steady stream of planes, jets, private jets and corporate jets coming and going and going and coming all day long. There was a press release this morning announcing six more flights from Little Cayman to Cayman Brac and later I read a press release saying that the Governor had ordered the complete evacuation of Little Cayman by tomorrow noon.

Last night there was a press release from Cayman Airways listing six extra flights to Miami today, from 0100 last night all the way through to 0150 tonight, three to Fort Lauderdale, one more to Kingston (why you'd want to head IN to the storm, I don't know), an extra jet to/from Cayman Brac and six flights from Little Cayman.

At the bottom of the press release was flights under "Sunday 19th" but really that's still tonight for the poor people who are at work checking people in for the flights instead of at home preparing for the shitstorm. 0100, 0950 to Miami, 0700 to Tampa and 1230 to New York.

The Gov has enacted the Emergency Powers Law, so starting tomorrow evening there's a curfew and "I can reassure the community that the RCIPS is fully mobilised and there will be a strong police presence in all the districts during and after the storm. Should they be needed additional law enforcement reinforcements from outside Cayman are on standby."

I stopped by The Strand this morning to grab a coffee at Paperman's on my way in to work (and I'm still there 13 hours later and counting) and the dentist's office a few doors down had a sheet of paper on the door that said "Attention looters: there are no drugs or cash on these premises, thanks" hehe! I took a picture of it with my phone, but I don't think it turned out too well.

Update Holy shinto! Another press release from Cayman Airways with more flights! 2230 tonight, 0110, 0450 and 1150 to Miami. I don't think I've ever seen this many extra flights from Cayman Airways in any of the previous hurricane evacs I've seen since I moved down here. Maybe AFTER Ivan, taking people out and bringing supplies in, but wow.. that's like, an extra 450 people.

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West bay public dock looking south toward George Town. Sat am aug 18 2007 Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from Cable & Wireless bMobile

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I've added my cell phone number to my contact info on my Facebook Profile. Those of you who really know me well know what a shock that is, as I'm usually very private about telephone numbers.

When cell networks are swamped it sometimes takes 20-30 tries to get a call through, and even then voice quality suffers.

What can you do about that? Use SMS.

SMS doesn't put nearly the load on the cell switches and system that voice calls do and they are queued for delivery, so it will keep trying on your behalf so you don't have to.

I thank you in advance everyone who says be safe, good luck and those sorts of sentiments, however PLEASE do not inundate my SMS inbox with those types of messages. Write them here on my wall or leave a comment on one of the posts over at and I'll get them when I get back online.

SMS is going to be my primary mode of communications for the next few days, and if you're trying to reach other people in the Cayman Islands, I urge you to use SMS rather than voice.

If you're like me and a cheap bastard, go to and use their web interface. It's free and doesn't cost you a thing, however it will come from +555 so make sure you leave room to sign your name

Emails sent to will also be forwarded via SMS to the  number where XXXYYYY is, so keep it under 160 characters or it will get truncated.

Be safe and we'll talk to you next week

Main email: mark at
ICQ: 1656823
MSN: kmancowboy at
Y!: docjelly or markfaccin
GoogleTalk: mfaccin
AIM: Docjelly73
BB Messenger PIN: 20623D4C

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Friday, August 17, 2007

In a field one summer's day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart's content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.
     "Why not come and chat with me," said the Grasshopper, "instead of toiling and moiling in that way?"
     "I am helping to lay up food for the winter," said the Ant, "and recommend you to do the same."
     "Why bother about winter?" said the Grasshopper; "We have got plenty of food at present." But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil.
     When the winter came the Grasshopper had no food and found itself dying of hunger - while it saw the ants distributing every day corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer. Then the Grasshopper knew: It is best to prepare for days of need.

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testing 1 2 3
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How's that for efficient? I just got a phone call from the Canadian Consulate asking me if I was staying or going, and if I was staying if I was going to a shelter or if I had provisions. the Government of Canada is sending 'a big plane' I assume an Air Canada A321 or a 767 to Kingston, Jamaica tomorrow to evac Canadians. They hadn't laid on a flight for Grand Cayman yet, but if they did, did I want a seat on it? She also verified my physical address and phone numbers for comms afterward. I guess everyone learned from all the mistakes that were made last time. I told her I was staying put in West Bay with our provisions and fortifications and my own personal Special Forces squad! :D

Last time I hit refresh on they've changed from a possible threat to an official alert, so game on.

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Ignore. Testing 123 Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device from Cable & Wireless bMobile
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nothing much to report yet. Gov't hasn't even issued an alert yet, which means 72 hours stand-to, then a tropical storm watch, which means TS conditions COULD be felt within 36 hours (or maybe 48, but I'm pretty sure it's 36) and then a TS warning which means TS conditions WILL be felt within 24 hours. Sometimes they double them up and issue a tropical storm warning AND a hurricane watch at the same time. Hurricane warning is like when the sirens go off in the midwest. A twister has been spotted, take cover NOW. Hurricane warning means you have 24 hours or less until the effects are felt, but that also means you'll be in the middle of Tropical Storm-force conditions.

Plans have been set in motion both at home and at work. I'm anticipating a lot of hours this weekend, whether I'm at work or not! I don't want to sound too cavalier, but I don't think we're going to do too badly with this storm. Hopefully those don't become 'famous last words' because there's the potential for this to truly be a shitstorm of magnificent proportions. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is the mode of operation this weekend.

Tomorrow, or maybe even early this morning the gov't will issue the alert, and then start to progress through the watches and warnings based upon the actual track of the storm. I'll update the little flag up in the corner as they're released.

On a completely different note, the sky was brilliantly lit up by stars tonight. There's still a lot of light pollution just from the fact that people live here, but you could clearly see the Milky Way tonight. The nights AFTER Ivan, before a lot of people started firing up generators and turning lights back on was by far the prettiest nights for stargazing I've *EVER* seen, period.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2007
OK so I'm paraphrasing, if not downright stealing that from a song. It's not quite true, either. Looks like Tropical Storm Dean is heading our way, as a hurricane by the time it gets here.
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"Stan's Uncle Jimbo and his war buddy Ned take Stan, Kenny, Kyle, and Cartman on a hunting trip in the mountains. When they arrive in the wilderness (just outside of South Park), Jimbo gives each of the boys a gun (Kyle, Stan, and Kenny get shotguns while Cartman receives an assault rifle), a can of beer, and a pack of cigarettes, and the hunting festivities begin.

It soon becomes apparent that Jimbo and Ned's idea of hunting is to slaughter every living thing in sight via military weaponry. They get around the regulations by yelling "It's coming right for us!" in order to exploit the loophole that they can kill any animal in self-defense. Stan proves to not have the proper temperament to enjoy hunting (or at least Jimbo and Ned's idea of hunting), and finds himself unable to shoot a living target when provided the opportunity. While hunting the boys realize that one of the nearby mountains is rumbling, a fact Ned and Jimbo ignore until it is too late." from Wikipedia

This is EXACTLY the picture I was looking for to go along with the "it's coming right for us!" exclamation. Two days ago, TD#4 was renamed Tropical Storm Dean. That was when the phone started ringing. As of this morning it's "dipped" south a bit and is now forecast to come into the Caribbean Basin. We don't like dipping. That's what Ivan did to go around Jamaica in '04 and smack us upside the head.

Since this is the first threat (real or otherwise) of the year that's even remotely going to affect us, people are a bit jumpy and starting to breath down our necks to put our hurricane/disaster recovery plan into standby. The phrase 'two monkeys fucking a football' comes to mind.. a whole lot of action and not a lot of results. Of course I could be wrong, it HAS happened once or twice in the past 34 years so we're going to use this as a dry-run to test out some of the new things we've added this year and practice the things we've been doing for the last few years.

As usual, I'll be posting up progress and notes and things here, as I do. I've actually got around to adding all the bookmarks for weather sites that I reference on and added the RSS feed to my OPML list over on the bottom right. If you subscribe to the list, you'll get new sites as I remember them and add them. The tag on is hurricane weather and maps.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

DSC00161 This is what my Vespa looked like last Sunday, the morning after the accident. You can see pretty much exactly where the car smacked into me. There's some damage at the front as well, I think what happened is when she got hit, she pivoted and slammed the front end in to the car. I believe (because I don't remember) that was what caused me to be thrown off to the right, plus my forward momentum of about 25mph made me not only skid around but roll too. That would explain why I have scrapes up and down two opposite sides of my helmet, as well as shredded my new microfibre shirt that my mom bought for me while I was at home a couple weeks back. First time I wore it, too! The INSIDE of the collar is shredded, as was the lanyard I had around my neck (the breakaway section worked as advertised too) and my John Hardy necklace got mangled, too. Other casualties of the wreck were my new Prada sunglasses that were about a week old, the pants I had on and the toes of my sneakers where my feet dragged along the ground.

DSC00162 What you can't tell from the pictures, is that while we took these pictures, the scooter was running! We picked it up off the trailer, put it on the center stand and fired it up. She sputtered a bit at first, and then spit out some smoke where the oil had sloshed around inside and burned up for the first 30 seconds or so. Aside from the smoke at the beginning, she ran well. Lee actually climbed aboard and road it around the parking lot a bit. We quickly went over it, part by part and he estimated about $1100-$1200 in parts.. things like brake levers, mirrors... that sort of thing. The running board and seat grab handle were the big multi-hundred expenses, but all the little bits and pieces, lights and things quickly added up. The bad news came a few days later, when we got the estimate from the body shop. On top of the $1400 in parts (labor extra of course) the shop manager at H&R Autobody wrote an official estimate for the insurance company at $2225 for paint, labor & bodywork. 3600 give or take, Cayman dollars, for repairs to make it roadworthy. She was $4200 new in December '05 and Lee figured I could have sold her for $3000 as-is the day of the accident (before, obviously). Looks like she's going to be a write-off. I haven't been back there since the day after the accident, I think she would be sad that I didn't come to visit sooner... Lee's got another LX125 at the shop that someone who left the island is selling for about what I would get from the insurance company.

I'm undecided still about getting back on another one. A lot of people have offered their opinions one way or another. I've heard a few "you're not invincible, you know." To those naysayers, I say this: "I was hit by a car at about 25-30mph while I was doing 20-25mph and more or less walked away from it. I FUCKING AM invincible! Aside from the cuts and scrapes, bumps and bruises, shock and road rash, I didn't have one broken bone, not one fracture. Jesus H Christ, my bones might even be made out of Adamantium for all I know! I'm just waiting for someone to really get under my skin and see if blades pop out of my knuckles! I've already got the sideburns for it!

I had to go back in to work last night around 8:30 and even in my Jeep I was SO paranoid about getting hit by some fucking inattentive jackass that by the time I got home I had a pretty nasty tension headache in my upper back and neck. I was able to get to sleep around 11, mostly because I was so exhausted from only getting a couple hours of sleep the night before. I ended up taking some sleep-eze on Saturday night, so I didn't want to take some again so soon. Sunday night I took my last antibiotic (Doc gave me more after the hospital 'scrip ran out, didn't want me getting a staph infection in my road rash) and then this morning I took the last anti-inflammatory he prescribed me.

2007-08-04 Accident Photos 002 I remembered seeing some Advil nighttime at the supermarket last night, so I stopped in at the little pharmacy at the four-way stop in West Bay. I didn't see it on the shelf, so I asked the pharmacist, but he told me he didn't have any. Damn. "But I do have these..." he said.

Turns out you can by Nurofen over the counter in the Cayman Islands! As you can see by the link, Nurofen is a British drug. It's ibuprofen, like Advil, with the addition of--wait for it--codeine. Jumping Jesus on a Pogo Stick, you can buy this shit without a prescription?? I picked up a packet of it to try it out and will see how things go. Something tells me I'm not going to have any trouble falling asleep tonight.

Shoes are still proving to be a bit of a bother. I wore my Geox sneakers to work yesterday, going 100% down the comfort alley. Didn't work too well. by 10:00 my feet were dying. I went the opposite tack today and laced up my Doc Martens. It worked. My feet were held in place and supported and it felt a lot better... until about 1:00, then they started aching again. Last night I got home early and soaked my feet in a bucket of hot water and epsom salts, but tonight I haven't had a chance to yet. Perhaps I'll do it before I go to bed, and then wrap some ice packs around my left foot for good measure.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

I'm at home this week recuperating after the mishap last Saturday night. I ventured out yesterday to meet with the Royal Cayman Islands Police (RCIP) constable who attended the scene to give him my statement and pick up some documentation from him for the insurance company. I stopped in at work for about an hour, but then came home and am more or less working remotely from a prone position. The good news is that the police report states that the other driver was in the wrong, absolutely, positively, no gray areas and no doubt about it.

This morning I got an email with the bodywork estimate for my Vespa. $2225 CI for paint, paint supplies & bodywork. Add to that the $1400 in parts required to bring it back to roadworthiness (mirrors, lights, body parts, new seat etc) and that brings the damage to nearly $3600 CI dollars, almost the cost of a brand new bike, so I think it's safe to say that she's going to be written-off :(

I posted the pictures up to Facebook last Sunday, and then after that I posted them to Flickr as well. Most of the comments and emails I got from people were of the "you need to get back in a car" and "you need something with doors for more protection" and only ONE person (thanks, Jeff) so far saying Fight The Power and getting another scooter.

scooter-door This afternoon, as I'm reading some newsfeeds, I came across this gem on Digg, entitled "Who says scooters can't have doors?" I thought it was going to be one of those BMW C1s that have a little roof on it, but no, it's even better than that. It was a link to a post on techeblog and it has the title "Even this won't protect you in a crash" I'm guessing that door or not, this wouldn't be too helpful in a crash. Especially one like mine on Saturday night where I was t-boned by an an Acura Integra.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Back in the day, right after these Bud commercials came out, before YouTube when you had to go looking all over the place trying to find videos to show your friends when you're drinking we came across this magic little gem. There were all kinds of different versions that people did, I think there's an Office Space wazzzup video, too. It's funny how a beer commercial of all things can be so timeless... up until last week when he had to leave, Zac, Matty, John and I would see the caller-id and answer with Wazzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup to each other, because we all spent so much time laughing together watching this over and over again back in the days of The Ranch. The best part is that they have Wonder Woman doing the voice of "dookie" with the lowest voice :)

The irony? None of us drink Bud or Bud Light and the ad didn't make us change our minds.

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The hospital gave me some co-dydramol pills to take home with me, as well as a prescription for some more. I don't really think they did much. Co-dydramol is a UK version of Tylenol-3, I think. I didn't even notice it getting me that drowsy, which was one of the things I was hoping for! Mixing it with a few shots of Jager and a glass of Freya's KerPow on the other hand, did knock me out for a few hours.


Yesterday I tried to contact the police officer who was on the scene, and he was off-duty yesterday. Today I called again, but then I drove into town (in the Jeep) and went to the doctor's office. I must have looked suitably pathetic as they took me in right away even though I didn't have an appointment.


I got checked out, and everything seems to be healing up. He extended the antibiotics as he didn't want me to end up with a staph infection with all that road rash, and also switched me over to cataflam which is an anti-inflammatory and also helps with the pain. I took one (with food) at lunch and then came back home and took a nap. When I woke up, I went downstairs to get a glass of water and was halfway across the living room before I realized that I walked down the stairs normally, and without holding on the the railing! Holy shit!

I stopped in at the insurance company today, too to report the accident. I didn't have anything to give them as I hadn't heard from the police yet, but as it turned out the guy who hit me DID have insurance, and was through the same company as me, so they had his side of the story and I gave them mine. He's not assumed liability, so they're going to "investigate" based on our statements and the police report. He said that he came to a stop, looked right, didn't see any cars coming, so he went, and collided with me in the outside lane of the roundabout. I said that I didn't see any cars stopped waiting to come in to the roundabout as I came around from the other side and that he struck me on the left on the inside lane. I left it at that for now, we'll see what the police report says, but the bottom line is I was in the roundabout already, I had the right of way, he struck me from the left, it's his fault all the way. I'm sure the police report will corroborate that, but at the first hint of static from the insurance company, I'm going straight to a lawyer. I'm trying to avoid that as they charge a retainer up-front. There's no such thing as a free consultation down here in Cayman I've been told.

I'm meeting with the RCIP at 10am tomorrow morning so everything should be falling into place by then. In the meantime, it's time for more drugs and then off to la-la land :)

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Monday, August 6, 2007
Yeah, so I won't be running again anytime soon. I have to walk again first. I'm kinda pissed because I was finally going to move on to week 2 starting today! I'll have to start over again with week 1 once I have more mobility back.

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

I haven't posted them to flickr yet, but in the meantime, the pics from the hospital, pics of my scoot and pics of the road rash and bumps and bruises are here at this link on facebook:



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Saturday, August 4, 2007
So it happened again. This time it was a Honda instead of a dog. Some guy didn't stop and went right into the roundabout and t-boned my poor little Vespa. I don't know how fast he was going, because when I looked, there was no one waiting to come in to the roundabout, and then as I crossed through, WHAM.

I remember seeing his headlights, basically where my knees usually are. Then I heard the most awful crunching scraping noise. Then I realized it was my helmet making that noise. I remember rolling and scraping along the ground. I stopped before the scooter did. One of the thoughts that raced through my mind was "holy shit, look how far away it is". I crawled out of the middle of the road and laid onthe curb where there was a little grass, took off my helmet and just laid there til the ambulance showed up.

Broke my new sunglasses that were in my pocket. Tore off one of the headphones from my iPod (although the iPod itself survived). Yanked my lanyard from around my neck and pulled the ID badges right out of the snappy clip. Ripped the fob off the keychain (weird) and tore off a flap of the sole of my shoe.

I don't know how my scooter looks yet, but there were pieces of it all over the road. Lee was a superstar and came out with his trailer to take it to the shop where it'll be inspected and written off. Wendy from work happened to be driving by and stopped, and I called John and asked him to meet me at the hospital.

My feet hurt. It's very slow going to walk. My left big toe and my right baby toe are a little torn up and there's a bruise coming up on my left toe. My left leg has a goose-egg on the upper shin and some road rash. My right leg has a couple big patches of road rash up the outside, and I 'scrubbed' a hole in my new cargo shorts on the front of the thigh. My right hand has a big lump on it and it's starting to bruise up, along with some little nicks all over the back of my had and knuckles. There's another patch of road rash on my right forearm and more on my upper arm, just below the sleeve. The INSIDE of collar of my new microfibre shirt (thanks mom!) is shredded and the back of the shirt across the shoulders is all torn up... as is the skin across the back of my shoulders! The left side is worse, ironically. My left shoulder hurts, I don't know if I bounced off the hood of the car and then started skidding or what, and my bottom right rib is pretty tender.

Everything's starting to sting again, and my left arm is starting to get sore and stiffen up. I just took the pills they gave me, so I'm expecting to pass out soon. Tomorrow when I arise from my stupor, I'll see about posting the pictures. Lee was taking pictures at the scene and int he hospital of me on the gurney with my head taped down, and John took pics of all the booboos tonight when we got home, for the insurance company. I'll post em all tomorrow or monday or something.

Good thing I got my Jeep licensed the other day, I'll have to rely on my "backup" vehicle for awhile until the insurance company gets around to doing their thing.

Chicks dig scars!

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