Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Sunday, February 25, 2007
...Like we're not, but I mean literally. A couple days ago, Zac found this picture online and it struck a chord with him, so he copied it and forwarded it to John, Jake and I with the caption "If John was a dog" in honor of John's infamous picture. We had a good laugh at it and John punched me in the arm when I got home that night because it made everyone think about his picture again. I laughed and said "oh this has a blog post written ALL OVER it" and he said "you better not post that picture of me again, you bastard" so I said I would be fair and post the one of me up as well. It's too bad that we don't have one of Zac in that position as well...
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Friday night was Zac's birthday. Usually Zac & Steph celebrate "birthday weeks" instead of birthDAYs, but we didn't all get together until Friday night which was his actually birthday.

I ran into them at lunchtime and we made a plan to meet up at the Hard Rock Cafe down in George Town at the south end of the harbor and start crawling north from there ending up at Calico Jack's at Public beach. The plan as Hard Rock, Margaritaville, Hammerheads, Rackham's, Aqua Beach, Decker's, Legendz and then Calico's.

at HammerheadsI caught up with them a bit later at Hammerheads and the crawl was already in full swing. We stayed at Hammerheads for a few beers and a couple of shots. Gordy was already there and Paulie & Catherine showed up with a friend of hers who's down visiting. We ponied up there and then walked over to Rackham's from there. We stayed at Rackham's for awhile, Eleni and Emma showed up there, and Super-fan Kendi was there with her friend who's visiting from Victoria and had a couple shots with us. We ended up staying longer at Rackham's than we initially planned for so we skipped ahead right to Legendz from there.

Breakfast of Champions

 By the time we got to Legendz, we were all fairly lubed up with alcohol. Someone ordered a round of shots, and even though it was well past breakfast, we bellied up to the bar and downed 'em. As you can see in the picture, Zac was still smiling at this point. I lost track of how many shots he did, but my count was about a half-dozen or so, plus a few mixed drinks along the way.


In our element

 After that round of shots, things started to get a little crazy.







 We finished up there around 11:00 and headed to Calico Jack's and closed the bar there.Going.... 

Calico Jack's is a beer & shots bar. There's really no getting away from it. In hindsight, it's probably not the best place to END a bar crawl, as you really don't have much of a resistance to shots anymore. I ordered a round of Jagerbombs for the boys, and then Renee also ordered a round, almost at the same time that Matty ordered a round of... something. Not sure what it was but it tasted like it had some Crown Royal in it or some other sort of whiskey. The funny thing about this picture of Zac is he's making a face, like he can even taste anything at this point! :)

John and I got home at about 12:30 (Calico's closes up at 12:00) and I went straight to bed. I didn't feel too drunk, despite the half dozen shots, and the last three coming within minutes of each other, but I guess they hadn't kicked in yet. I woke up around 3:30 with acid in my throat and the "uh-oh" thought on my lips. It was a long night. I think my lunch hadn't bee sitting too well, and in hindsight, I remember having heartburn as I got off the bus downtown to meet up with everyone for the crawl. I made a mental note to take a Zantac before I went to bed, but then, of course, I forgot. I think had I not been drinking I would have been fine, or had I only been drinking, I would have been fine, but the two together was too much for my system to handle. Saturday morning I felt like assssss and slowly sipped a quart of Gatorade watered down with about a quart of water. After that and a bowl of rice & turkey pot pie over it to soak up any excess I started feeling human again until I passed out on the couch at two o'clock and slept until about seven that night.


They say pictures speak a thousand words, so here for your own discourse are a few thousand words describing Zac's death spiral into the hallowed halls of infamous Internet pictures: (click for larger views)

Still smiling...Going..Going..Going...Gone!
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Vespa Church at Paperman'sI missed "church" this past Sunday because I was in Fort Lauderdale. I made it last week and we actually had quite a good turnout! There were about ten scooters parked out in front and I think we hit at least one of each kind of scooter that Vespa makes! Eleni was there with her LX50, I was there with my LX125, Paul's GT200 was there (obviously), Lee with his GT250ie, Jim showed up on one of the new Zip100s, a girl named Ginny who rides a Beverly (with My Little Pony in glitter glue on the topcase) showed up and another guy who's name I don't remember was there on his Gilera.

This was the 3rd or 4th meeting, since Paperman's decided to try opening up on Sunday mornings. I think the first week it was just Lee, Eleni and I and then the next week I was the only one there, so I txt-msg'd Lee and Eleni with "It's just a little rain, you pussies!" and they showed up 15 minutes later. I've also been away for a few Sundays so I don't know what the turnout was like then. Both times I've shown up recently, I had other plans afterward so I couldn't go for a ride with everyone, but maybe this weekend it will be nice and we'll head out on the Queen's Highway out towards East End.

If you've got a scooter (of any kind) and wanna come hang out and tell some dirty jokes and have a good Sunday morning coffee, we meet at Paperman's Coffee House in The Strand on Seven Mile Beach at 10am(ish) on Sunday mornings and then go for a ride.

If you DON'T have a scooter, there are a few places that rent them around town. There's one on North Church Street near the Lobster Pot that has some brand-new Piaggio Zips for rent. If you don't have a scooter and don't want to ride, that's cool too. Come have a coffee and enjoy our company and my bad jokes :)

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Monday, February 19, 2007
I was in Florida again this weekend. Miami Int'l Boat Show AND Daytona 500 in S Florida jacking up hotel rates artificially again. Have I mentioned lately how much I hate yield management software? Sure it's great if you're the money-grubbing cocksmoker on the other side of it, but as a consumer, it sucks the bag.

I had the wrong time in my head for my flight back to Cayman from Fort Lauderdale. Fortunately it was later than I thought, not earlier than I thought! I decided since I was in FLL to go to Varsity Cycle, the Vespa dealer up there and poke around and see what kind of cool stuff they had. I couldn't remember where they were, and rather than drive up and down US1 for a couple hours I thought I would look it up.

The only problem was my Cingular SIM card for Miami doesn't have a data plan, and I didn't know what the connection settings were for my phone anyway. Then from some deep, dark recess in my mind I remembered that Google had an SMS service. I sat in the car after running into bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a baby frypan for Kendi and txt'd 'Vespa ft lauderdale' to 466453 (GOOGL3)

Within a minute I got two SMS messages back from Google with the name, address, phone number, etc for the two vespa dealers in Ft Lauderdale area: Varsity on US1 (the one I was thinking of) and Riva Cycle on Davie blvd just south of FLL int'l. How cool is that??

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

That means that it's only four weeks until the men's mirror image of Valentine's day: Steak and BJ Day. I link there every year and this year is no different. I'm doing my part to help spread the word and bring it's existence to the knowledge of Hallmark and others. DO your part to spread the word! On March 14th, cook your man a steak and give him a BJ!

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From American Pie:

Jessica: You've never had an orgasm? Not even manually?
Vicky: I've never tried it.
Jessica: You've never double-clicked your mouse?

Now everyone can double-click their mouse without shame!

SECOND best mousepad, ever!

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Thursday, February 8, 2007


I Do...Now I Don't

These days, an estimated 50% of marriages end in divorce. So what happens after the divorce? What do you do with the ring? When you turn around and sell a ring, you are taking a big loss. The price you will get for the ring will be sharply discounted from what was originally paid. In most cases, you will only get 25-35% of the purchase price and that´s if you are lucky.

I Do...Now I Don't can help solve the "what do I do with the ring?" scenario. We will help you sell your ring at the price that it deserves!!

This is TOTALLy something I would do... if I were dumb enough to get roped into buying one in the first place. :)
Thursday, February 8, 2007 7:09:11 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [1] | Links#
Wednesday, February 7, 2007
So I moved back out to West Bay last week, home of the hour-long commutes (aside from Scooter riders). I have a few posts bubbling in Windows Live Writer that I'll probably post tonight when I get home, but I wanted to get this one out while it's still fresh in my mind and also to ping everyone who's reading this via RSS that I'm not dead and haven't stopped writing.

Monday morning I got up early, at seven, and got ready for work. Just in case, I left the house at 7:55. I came around the bend at the west end of Town Hall Road and saw red brake lights. Not good! Traffic was basically at a standstill from the Northwest Point Road fork to the four-way stop. From the four-way stop to Willie Farrington rd where Foster's Supermarket is was chock-a-block creep-and-go traffic. Once you got past that little bottleneck, traffic opened up. Now that I've done the route three times, I've seen that the traffic bottleneck IS the Willie Farrington Rd intersection and after that is smooth sailing. Coming down West Bay Road I averaged 30mph all the way through into town.

This morning I peeled off to the new bypass which comes out at the Courtyard Marriott at this point and it was practically deserted and I hit a sustained 40mph all the way through to The Strand shopping center where I pulled in for a coffee at Paperman's Coffee House. I probably could have gone faster, but the posted limit is 25mph and the road isn't finished, so if I hit a loose patch of gravel and dumped the Vespa, it would have been like landing on a cheese grater at 40mph+

The new bypass traffic backs up after the strand to the roundabout behind Lone Star, and then again where at the roundabout where it joins the Harquail Bypass, but that's because of all the cars entering the Camana Bay construction site at shift change.

If I were driving my jeep in to town at that time of the day, it would probably take me longer to get from the new apt to Foster's than it would to get from Foster's to town. My only question at this point is this: since there weren't very many cars at all on the bypass nor were there many on West Bay Road from Foster's south, why the hell was traffic backed up solid last year from NW Point Road all the way through to abuot the Hyatt???

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