Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, January 25, 2007
Bit of a play on words there... douche in the sense that the guy who ticked the "embedding disabled" checkbox when he uploaded this clip to YouTube and douche as in the french word for shower.

This is the funniest video of the day. This is the funniest video of the week. This is the funniest video of the month. Since it's still early it's also the funniest video of the year. Serious.

I brought the office to a standstill today because I was laughing so hard that I caused a scene. After that, everyone wanted to see the video of the automatic cat washer. They should install one of these down here at Island Vetrinarian Services and then charge people to sit in the stands and watch.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007
I bookmarked this weeks ago, but didn't get a chance to watch it until tonight. I have tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard at a few bits and pieces of it. It's pretty long for an embedded video clip, but I guess when you have so much material it's easy to keep going... and going... and going. Click on the Read More link below to see the Battlestar Galactica Season 3 blooper/gag reel.
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What a week. I spent a lot of time this week traveling for work. I flew up to Miami last Wednesday and drove to Ft Lauderdale. On the way I popped into McDonalds for my almost-annual pilgrimage to the House of Mac. Once I was done in Ft Lauderdale, I hopped a flight on Continental to Houston and got the crappiest seat in the house: a middle seat in the last row, right by the bathrooms. Bleah.

I was looking for some Texas Barbecue for dinner, but Mother Nature had other plans. I was waiting on a friend to drive up from Austin, and it took her over four hours to make it up because of the tail end of the ice storm. Poor thing should have just turned around when she saw a car go off a bridge and go end-over-end into the middle of a field.

I asked at the front desk if there was a good barbecue pit around the hotel (Holiday Inn on JFK Blvd. Harsh old-school hotel. And I mean that. Old.) and the girl at the front desk said she wasn't from around Houston, and pointed me to the Saltgrass Steakhouse. A chain restaurant. While I was waiting, I checked them out online and seemed to be sort of what I was looking for. Then I waited. And waited some more. When I was done that, I waited a bit longer. I was sure she drove off the road somewhere and was sitting in a ditch, but she made it through at about 10:00. I wasn't sure if the place was still open, so instead we had dinner at a place called "Good Eats" that was attached to the hotel. Talk about your false advertising. Since they didn't have barbecue on the menu, I went with the next best regional dish they did have: Chicken Fried Steak aka heart attack on a plate. A cube steak, breaded and fried and then smothered in cream gravy. It was massive. I cut it about in half and aimed for finishing just that much. I did, but I paid dearly for it later on that night. If nothing else, it's cured my craving for a chicken fried steak for a few more years.

On Friday morning I ran into Zac (almost, not literally) on his bike in morning traffic. He said that he and Steph were going to Bed (which has just recently re-opened) for dinner and why didn't I come along? Sure thing, I've been meaning to try it out since they re-opened. We met up at 6:30 and ordered some appies and a bottle of wine. I got the roasted caprese salad, Steph got the goat's cheese crostini and Zac had their brie wheel. Yummo.

For dinner, I ordered the pork tenderloin roulade, as did Zac. It came with some veggies and mushroom risotto. Steph had the stuffed chicken breast, which looked pretty good. Everything was really good, except the risotto which was "just" good :)

Finally for dessert we had a menage a trois... Got your attention, didn't I? Like the stuffed chicken breast who's filling changes day-to-day, the menage a trois is a three-layered dessert that changes fairly frequently, too. Friday night was a macadamia nut brownie base, with a peanut butter cream middle layer, and none of us could remember what the third layer was when it was described to us because we were already "you had me at peanut butter cream!" I think it was some sort of creme fraiche or cheesecake, as it had that little tang to it. We contemplated ordering something else to share as well, but Zac said he was only going to have a taste. Once it showed up he changed his mind and we devoured it like a pack of jackals! It was soooooo good!

I asked Steph how she knew about the dessert before we even sat down, and it turns out that their roommate Vanessa is the chef at Bed now. How cool is that? I guess she was a responsible chef and did lots of tasting while she was making it and tipped Steph off that it was ZOMGAWESOME. She was right. I was wondering who was going to be running the kitchen there, as the chef who was there before Hurricane Ivan was Sheila of Pulled Pork fame and she's gone back to Vancouver to open a restaurant in White Rock with Batty.

Just to completely mess with my stomach and my palate, I'm back in Houston again today and once I was done the work I came here to do I headed off to get some lunch: Whataburger. Whataburger is a Texas thing. They may have some other locations, but I've only ever seen them in Texas. I ordered a bacon & cheese Whataburger "all the way". Only in Texas do they have diet Dr Pepper on tap, along with a jug of sweet tea and a jig of unsweetened tea. Mmmmmmm gutbomb!

I had dinner at the hotel restaurant tonight and it was better than the last hotel restaurant I ate at, but we'll see how the night goes. I went for the barbecue baby back ribs and they were actually pretty good. I prepared a zantac and glass of water for later though, just in case. The room & bed in this hotel are miles above the last one, but the wired Ethernet in the room is $9.95 a day. Lame. When I stayed in Houston at the end of December on my way back from Vancouver, I stayed at a Marriott Courtyard, and they had free wi-fi throughout the hotel. How much of a nerd does it make me that I actually go out of my way to stay in hotels that has free Internet access over other amenities? :)

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

This morning, we held our second meeting of Vespaholics Anonymous at Paperman's Coffee House in The Strand shopping center here on Grand Cayman.

Today was a smaller turnout than last week, it was just Lee and I. Paul from Paperman's Vespa was parked out front, so there were three scooters, anyway. Eleni was going to come, but she had a late night and couldn't drag herself out at 10am.

Lee said he called a few people (including the cutie Courtenay who came out last week) and asked them if they were going to "come to church on sunday" which is funny as well, but I'm sticking with the Vespaholics theme instead. It's mostly because I'm sitting on the domain name and am just waiting to throw it up on a server and start posting stuff there. :)

I left the house around noon and rode down to South Sound to meet Eleni at her apartment and we took off headed east. The wind has been pretty fierce the last few days, so that made riding east a bit challenging, but we made it out as far as the Bodden Town civic center. We pressed on out to the Lighthouse in Breakers and turned around there. I didn't want to open the throttle like I usually do on that nice smooth new road because of the wind, but on the way back, with the wind behind us I opened it up and managed to get my LX125 up to a top speed of about 68mph. I laid off the throttle and sat back up and slowed down to about 30mph and then 25mph as we got back into Bodden Town and then we came back here and sat on the beach and drank some Coronas.

Paperman's is going to open again next Sunday from 8-11 so we'll make a few phone calls and see how many people we can get to the next Vespaholics Anonymous meeting and go for a ride. If you're reading this and you're in Cayman and have a scooter, come on and join us. We really don't care if you don't ride a Vespa, just come out and have a good time.

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Friday, January 12, 2007
Wetpixel is announcing that Amazon has pulled all of their Shark Fin Soup products from all their various online stores after 10 days of merciless hounding and pounding by the inernet-at-large.

Behold the power of the internet! :) Now if only I could harness some of that power to get Divers Supply Grand Cayman to replace my dive computer that they hosed!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

When men get sick, they revert back to babies. I'm here to tell you that when I get sick, I'm the KING of the babies.

I'm sick. I'm cranky. I have that balloon-head feeling and it sucks. At least my nose has stopped running now, it was like a chinese water torture (or is that waterboarding now?) all day. I left work at 2, but brought some work home with me because we're under a deadline. It's still sitting at the end of my bed where I put it when I walked in the door. I should be able to get back to work tomorrow, depending how the early morning goes. I may work from here for an hour or two and have some tea and get over the worst of it and then go in mid-morning. We'll see what happens though.

Once again, where all others failed, Cold-FX made a difference. I'm going to take the second big dose tonight before bed and then start tomorrow with the medium dose and see if it kills it off by the end of Friday like last time.

UPDATE: Holy sheetrock, that Cold-FX kicks ass. I felt a bit assy this morning and was late getting to work, but by 10:00 when the next dose of Cold-FX kicked in, I was right as rain. I can still tell I'm sick, but I'm symptom free and functioning around 90% at work.

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Thursday, January 4, 2007
Today I went to get my drivers' license.
Thursday, January 4, 2007 4:13:28 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [4] | Cayman | Rants#

Ok I doubt it, but whatever. Shark fin soup is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine. There are some pretty scary things that are considered delicacies in Japanese cuisine. Then again, there's some pretty scary things in pretty much any ethnic cuisine. (Haggis anyone? how about some black pudding? Tripe? bleah to all of them!) The thing about shark fin soup is that they only use the cartilage of certain fins. The rest of the shark is bycatch. There are some pretty sick videos available on the net that show sharks being finned (ie their fins cut off) while they're still alive, and then chucked back overboard to die slowly and painfully. Add to that the bycatch when trawling for sharks includes dolphins, rays, mantas and just about everything but Jimmy Hoffa and it's all cast aside to get just the shark's fins.

If you're going to catch it, eat it. Eat it all. I have no problem with people hunting or fishing if it's going to become their food, or traded for food or whatever (sustenance fishing/hunting and I don't think you need a semi- or full-automatic rifle to do it). I don't subscribe to the "meat is murder" philosophy and I like my steak medium rare. I've been to a slaughterhouse before, when I was a teenaged line-cook who wasn't showing enough respect for what I was cooking. it was jarring but it didn't put me off meat.

Shark fin soup gets on my tits though. A couple days ago someone was searching around on Amazon and found a store that sold Shark Fin Soup. Wetpixel posted it up with directions on what to do to pressure Amazon to take it down. Divester picked up the story and ran with it, as did a few other scuba diving related websites and by the end of the day, it was offline. Congrats to the mob mentality of the internet! I thought I was seeing the old RSS feeds today when I clicked over to Divester and saw the same thing... but not! There's another store on Amazon selling a different brand of Shark Fin Soup, so the whole thing is starting up again. I wonder how long this one will take, what with the combined readership of Divester, Wetpixel and all the blogs that have linked to them.

I also wonder if Amazon will go through it's own stores looking for other stores carrying it and remove them as well, or will it be up to the eagle-eyed surfers to find it and direct a campaign against it.

Thursday, January 4, 2007 10:08:26 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [3] | Food | Links | Underwater#
Monday, January 1, 2007

The Rockstar days are over. It's been a good run, and we've had some great laughs here, but it's time to move on. The couple who owns the apartment that MJ and I live in have put it up for sale and we have to move out at the end of January.

The timing is pretty good, actually. MJ is moving in with her new fiancee (congratulations) while they finish building their house down in South Sound. Timing wasn't AS good for me, but not really worse than any other time. We've known for a few weeks, but I haven't started ACTIVELY looking for a new apartment til today, Jan 1st. Most listings in the paper were for January, and it gets dicey when you don't move in til the following month.

Griswold Sunday Family Fundays will be put on hold for awhile and we'll see if we pick them up again at public beach rather then the nice stretch of beach in front of my apartment. Traffic really isn't an issue for me whichever way I move because I have my Vespa to get around traffic, and the new bypass extension is open all the way up to the old Indies Suites now. What I'm going to miss most, aside from the really nice apartment and the best stretch of beach on Seven Mile Beach right outside is being able to walk across the street to Legendz or Sunshine Grill, or even a bit further of a walk down to The Strand where Foster's Food Fair, Canton and Paperman's Coffee House are located.

The good news about having to move is that it'll be less of a financial burden. The rent here is pretty sky-high and it will be nice to actually have some money left over at the end of the month without having to stretch the last hundred bucks for a week or longer. If I can find a place back in the divemaster range of rent, then I'll be back to living like a king again, just not in a castle :)

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