Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Friday, June 30, 2006
I've been carrying around a USB flash drive for a couple years now, and I've gone through three of them. I bought a 1gb USB2.0 flash drive two years ago at Kirk Office Equipment and it set me back $260CI. That's close to $350US. It lasted about a year or so, and then I forgot it was in my pocket and put it through the washer and dryer. Miraculously, it still worked... sort of. It was definately on it's way out though and sometimes took three or four insertions before it would show up and read all the data. It was time to replace it.
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Thursday, June 29, 2006
He understood that once in awhile you have to do something you don't particularly want to do, but have to do to keep loyal customers, well, loyal customers. Instead, Ales, the new manager has NOT done right by a loyal customer (me in this case) and created a lot of traffic on the internet about the piss poor treatment that you can expect from Divers Supply Grand Cayman.
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Good News/Bad News
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The Bad news is that gasoline is $4.43 per gallon today in Grand Cayman. That's $5.26US dollars and $5.83 in Canadian dollars. Per Gallon.

The Good news is that my Vespa only needs 1.4 gallons to go from fuel warning light to full, and that lasts me just over a week of commutes and running around at work.

I estimate that Im getting on the far side of 60MPG out of that little puppy, plus it's fun to ride around on, there's no traffic hell anymore, and chicks dig it. :)

Tonight when I got home from work I busted out the Miracle Wash. It's a can of "waterless car wash" that has a built-in polish to it, and WHOA BABY does it ever do a good job, and fairly quick, too. Spray on, wipe away the dirt to a dull haze and then buff with a second, clean terrycloth towel and she's showroom pretty again. It also gives me a chance to go over it and see if there are any scuffs, scratches and chips. I seem to have picked up one scuff on the right rear corner and there's a chip in the front, probably from a rock or something. Time to pick up a little tube of touch-up paint.
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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Getting up early on a Sunday morning is usually blasphemy. This morning, however, I'm up and juiced and ready to go on a snipe hunt. For the past week or so, there's been fairly regular sitings of a Manta Ray around Spanish Anchor in West Bay, Grand Cayman.

This is what it takes to get me up early on a weekend. My bags are packed, my batteries are charged and I've managed to convince two other intrepid souls Fede from Legendz and Jason the FNG to come out and play this morning, too. Too bad I have to dive table profiles because my dive computer is dead.

I'm off to Public Beach in a few minutes to meet up with Cayman Diving School and go check it out and see if we can find it.

Keep your fins crossed, and if I get any pictures (even blurry ones of it's ass as it's swimming away) I'll post em up here this afternoon.

Update 8:55am : Well we got to the beach and the swiim platform was red. No, not blood, but worse: transmission fluid. Dive aborted, I'm going to Ernesto's to watch the Ecuador-England game instead. :(

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Saturday, June 24, 2006
This time when I went in, they all looked a bit nervous when I asked about my computer. They brought it out and showed it to me, and it looked like the picture to the right. The LCD had cracked and 'leaked' all over the front of the crystal. "What happened??" I asked.
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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
While I was scooting to work, I could feel him wriggling around against my back, but then he just stopped, chilled out and enjoyed the ride.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
Warning: very long post. Click to read the whole thing.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
I was down around 100' and my Stinegr started beeping at me. This time it said I was at 220'. As I turned and made my way back up the wall into shallower water, it came back to 90ish feet. Two minutes later it dropped to 350 feet and started flashing "you should be dead" at me.
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Saturday, June 10, 2006

It rained hard again last night. I rolled out of the sack at 8:00 this morning when Seb called me to remind me that the England/Paraguay game was on and he was over at Legendz waiting for me. I threw on some clothes and a rain jacket and staggered over there to watch the game and have some breakfast. Seb saved me a seat right in front of the projector screen. Eleni and her friend who's visiting was there, as was her co-worker Jim and his wife Julie. Mmm Mmm pancakes... but that's another post.

I checked the weather before I left and there she was: Tropical Depression #1. She could strengthen and become Arlene some time tonight or tomorrow as she heads for Florida.

On the way over, I saw that there were some palm fronds/branches down on the road, a couple Foster's Food Fair shopping carts had blown over/around and the an information booth/umbrella was laying on it's side in the middle of the parking lot in the Cayman Falls shopping center. It was breezy, but it wasn't raining.

During the game, it rained like a sonofagun, but of course we didn't know because we were inside in front of a 100 inch screen. When the game was over, I walked home and it was lightly raining but shortly after that the sun peeked out from behind the clouds. I had sent an IM to someone saying "well so much for the Ark, the sun's come out" and before he could respond, I heard rain start drumming on the roof.

According to this morning's NOAA Atlantic Weather Outlook, Grand Cayman received 22 inches of rain in the previous 24 hours. TWENTY TWO INCHES. That's nearly two feet! in 24 hours! That's almost as much action as Jack Bauer sees in a day!

This afternoon I took the Jeep out and ran around and did errands, picked up drycleaning etc and stopped by AL Thompsons (Home Depot-type) and picked up some hardware so I can finally get around to mounting my weather station. As of now, temp, humidity and rainfall sensors are set up on the balcony and transmitting to the base station here which is plugged into my desktop computer. Over the next few days I'll get it set up so that it's dumping it's data to the interwebs and I'll post up some data/URLs to check it out.

Tonight the moon is out, clouds are skittering across the sky and there was some distant lightning flashing from the south. Im sure it'll change in the next five minutes though :)

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Friday, June 9, 2006

Yesterday was another "Adventures in South Florida" day, and I got back last night around 10. I went right to bed and woke up to the sound of rain drumming on the tin roof. Usually showers like that come and go in a few minutes... I woke up again later and it was still raining, and then again later still. I actually looked at the clock that time and it was 5:55am and had been raining steadily and hard the whole time.

As usual when I wake up four or five times in the night, when the alarm finally went off, I was too tired to get up. I hit the snooze button four or five times to make up for it and rolled out of the sack just before 8am giving me just enough time to take a quick shower, dress and go.

I had some stuff to pick up at work, as well as my shirts from the cleaners so coupled with the weather I decided to take the Jeep to work today instead of my Vespa. I got to work, waded through the carpark and when I got to the door was met with "Where's your scooter today?" comments. "Are you HIGH?" was my answer. I don't mind riding in the rain, so long as I've got my rain gear on, but this was enough rain and standing water that I wanted to wear a mask, fins & snorkel to work.

When I got here this morning, I checked the weather satelite to see what was going on and The Weather Channel had "Disturbed Weather in NW Carribean" as it's lead story and when I clicked over to the Gulf of Mexico Satellite image my eyes nearly popped out of my head. (since that link is "live", it may have changed when you click on it) There are PURPLE clouds over pretty much the entire Caribbean sea south of Cuba and east of the Central American landmass. There's no organization to it, so there's no danger of hurricanes (knock on wood) but the sheer size of the system is amazing.

About an hour ago I decided I was hungry and went across the carpark to get a patty from the convenience store. I put on my rain jacket AND took an umbrella, but between the wind blowing the rain and the 3 inches of water in the carpark, my jeans (casual friday) from the knees down are still damp.

Today is a good day to see who delivers lunch!

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Saturday, June 3, 2006

It's June 3rd. THREE DAYS since the start of Hurricane Season '06. No, wait... less than 72 hours... They're already up to Tropical Depression #2 in the Eastern Pacific. TD#2 is just off the coast of Mexico, south of Acapulco and heading north. Fortunately, the NHC doesn't think there's going to be much, if any chance of it developing into anything. ANd what's with the name anyway? Tropical Depression? WTF? It sounds like something you get when you've lived here too long (cough)

This past week has brought some rain here, finally. If I had a garden, I'd be happy for the rain, but I dont. I have a scooter. Rain sucks. I've had to upgrade my rain protection that I carry around with me after getting caught in a deluge on Wednesday. Then I had to bag-up before riding home on Thursday and then again on Friday, too.

I slept in this morning. Bliss... I layed in bed with a cup of tea and watched a few episodes of Good Eats, and then two episodes of The Sopranos. I finally rolled out of the sack around 12:45pm, only because Seb called and I met up with everyone for lunch at PD's. Mmmmm pulled pork sandwich. Anyway, a thunderstorm rolled in while I was watching TV, so I shut everything down, rolled over and spent about 30 minutes just watching the rain come down. Awesome... Tomorrow will be another sleep-in day and then maybe some breakfast. I think we make break the chain tomorrow due to the weather. Every Sunday for the last three months or so we've filled the cooler with cold beer and sat on the beach and chilled out. Tomorrow's forecast is calling for 27kt winds! Woo! should be fun to watch, but remember that 35kt sustained winds are Tropical Storm force.

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Friday, June 2, 2006
There was no house on fire, there was no woman giving birth in her back seat, there was absolutely no emergency that required driving like a maniac all the way down West Bay Road and Eastern Avenue well above the speed limit.
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Thursday, June 1, 2006

Today is the first day of the rest of your life! OK, maybe not the rest of your life, but at least the first day of Hurricane Season 2006. NOAA is predicting a busier than usual season this year. Great.

For those of you who want to get your RSS freak on, NOAA's NHC has some RSS feeds that will tell you when any new bulletins are posted, as well as storm-specific feeds once a storm has been established.

You're supposed to have your preparations ready by today, but even with the heightened awareness of hurricane season, and the fact that TS Arlene came through this area in June of last year, I haven't really dont much this year. I picked up some water that was on sale this week, and this weekend I'll go out to the storage unit and inventory all the supplies and make a list of what I still need for this year and slowly start topping things up as I go. That way it's not all on one pay cycle and I don't have to go last-second shopping with the other 40,000 people and fight over the last cans of crap that are left.

What I haven't figured out yet is where to stash my Vespa, but I'll figure something out before the first alert, if we even have any this year (Shyeah! right!)

Thursday, June 1, 2006 8:32:15 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [0] | Hurricane#
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