Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, December 29, 2005
In just 12 months, the RAZR has gone from vapor to release to ubiquitousness. Three times.
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Friday, December 23, 2005
Cards? how quaint.
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LX 125
Originally uploaded by DocJelly.
It's funny, yesterday was the first day it rained in weeks. It REALLY rained, too. Last night it rained so hard the noise of it hitting the tin roof above woke me up. As did a few high gusts of winds that made the roof creak (!!) That got my heart rate up again.
Ironically, it was also the day I picked up my new ride, a Vespa LX125 in "Dragon Red" This picture doesn't really do it justice, but it's a quickie. I'll be taking some more shots of it soon, this was just a quickie while it's parked (under cover on the sidewalk) at work. :)
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Thursday, December 22, 2005
..or is it?
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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
... or on a scooter.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Last week I borrowed a scooter from a friend to try out the commute and see how it went before deciding if I wanted to spend the money on one myself.

Sunday the 4th I scooted over to the Texaco in Hell and “filled up”. Grand total: $4.51 or 1.05 gallons. That filled the little tank all the way to the top. I then scooted home and left it there til Monday morning. I slept in that morning, more or less by accident and left the house at 8:05am.

I got to work at 8:25am.

Traffic was backed up to the West Bay Public Dock, but by scooting along beside it, at just 10mph, I made HELLA time. In just five minutes, I was down to Foster's West Bay. Ten minutes to Public Beach. Fifteen minutes to Safehaven/Ritz-Carlton, 20 minutes to where the Harquail Bypass comes out by the cinema and then 25 minutes til I was parking the bike and walking in the door at work on North Sound Way.

Over the next four days, as my confidence increased (and I got passed by other scooterati going twice my speed) I've shortened the trip to 20 minutes. I could go faster, but I choose not to. If I put the bike down at 25mph, chances are I'll walk away from the scene. If I put it down in traffic at 40mph, then the only likely way I'll leave the scene is in an ambulance, and that would SO suck, big-time.

This morning I stopped at Texaco and filled it up again. Gas has dropped now to 3.87/gallon so the 1.1 gallon fillup cost me $4.05. I checked the odometer and did pretty close to 120 miles. On 1.1 gallon of gas and one week of commuting. That would have cost me nearly $50 in gas in my jeep (which is only the 2.5l 4cyl engine, not the monster 6-cyl 4.0l) and taken nearly an hour each way.

Aside from the savings in fuel, and the savings in time (which I've spent getting an extra 40 or so minutes of beauty sleep) the change in my demeanor is un-measurable. Instead of rolling in to work in a bad mood, with a little black thundercloud over my head and a scowl on my face, I come in fresh-cheeked and bright-eyed and HAPPY to help people when they call with dumb questions, like if their computer is un-plugged). So far I've managed to scoot from office to office with a 15” LCD between my knees, a dot matrix printer on the floorboard and a small CPU strapped to the back of my seat, so it hasn't been too much of an inconvenience.

Now the question of buying my own. I polled my close friends via IM and email on it a couple weeks ago (before having given it a go on a borrowed bike) and got talked out of it at first, because of the high initial cash outlay and the fact that a new Vespa LX125 costs more than my jeep cost me last year and because it wasn't going to be my primary mode of transport.

I'm still not ready to sell my jeep and go scooter-only, and the LX125 is still $4000 CI, but Im approaching the “it doesn't matter” mindset now. I've already worked it out, what with interest rates and things, and it's STILL going to be cheaper to pay it off (at 13.99% credit card interest) over a year than it would be to move closer to town and end up paying $1200/month (or more) for rent.

All I've got to do now is come up with a little more $$ or talk the dealer down a little more $$ and I'll be good to go.

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Friday, December 9, 2005
...who are actually offended by someone wishing them a Merry Christmas?
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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Finally an entertainer of some famousness is coming to Grand Cayman. Sheryl Crow is scheduled to attend/perform at the opening of the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman. She will be the first “big” show to come to town since Garbage was here in 2002. Just like the Garbage concert however, the show will be a private show with no tickets being sold or made available to the general public.

No offense to Bjorn Again, Nearly Neil, Elevation or Innuendo, but it seems that “tribute bands” are about the only kind of concerts I've ever seen down here. While they're entertaining, it's just not the same.

In 2002, Stuff Magazine flew about 100 people down here for winning a contest, and one of the things they did was attend a concert at the Seaview Hotel by Garbage. Garbage happens to be one of my favorite bands and when we heard that they were ocming to Cayman, we thought it was pretty cool, only to be told “it's a private concert, there won't be any tickets to be had”. Then we heard that we'd be able to moor up just offshore of the Seaview and still see some of the concert and hear the whole thing. Then we were told no, you can't do that, and they hung curtains behind the stage to block any visibility, too. In the end, by hook and by crook, I got in to the concert and it was pretty cool.

When I first arrived on the island, way back in the day, someone went to a lot of trouble to get Kenny Rogers down here, when he was doing a “Storytellers” tour or something. The island went crazy, as there seemed to be a lot of oldies who liked the old coutry & western music. Tickets were sold (and solt out quickly) at $150 bucks a pop for dinner and the show, and HOLY COW was there a backlash afterwards. The memories are a bit foggy, but I remember reading in the paper the next week or so people complaining that he only actually sang about 6 or 7 songs, and filled in the time sitting there with his guitar telling little stories and anecdotes about what the song was about or why he wrote it. Maybe it's just me, but when the tour is called “Storyteller”...

There were also a few other country acts over the years (usually at the Seaview Hotel) of either sunset tours of last-generation stars and B-list acts on their way up.

In the current scenario, I don't know if I'd actually go to a Sheryl Crow concert, but because there's just been NOTHING ELSE, I probably would have gone to this one (if they were selling tickets of course). It just makes me mad that they're hyping it up in the local rags about her coming and performing, and then “oh, except it's a private show, so don't show up and don't call looking to buy tickets”

Oh, another slap in the face: The movie theatre had a poster up for the past few weeks of The Chronicles of Narnia with a sheet of paper taped to it saying “COMING DECEMBER 7TH” which is a bit odd, considering that it doesn't open in the US until the 9th. Yesterday in the newspaper, they had the regular ad in there saying that they were showing The Gospel and some other chickflick at 6 and 615 respectively and then underneath it it said in block letters: CINEMA 1 AND 2 CLOSED: RENTED FOR PRIVATE SHOWING OF THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA and no mention on what was going on. Today, they're screening The Gospel and the crappy chick flick again.


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Sunday, December 4, 2005

Wow, has it really been nearly two weeks since my last post? That “most recent pic” is from Halloween still, too. Gotta do somethin about that one of these days too.

Life's been chugging right along lately. One week melting into the next. “At least it's not years“, Chip said to me tonight at a bbq I went to and I said “yes that's true, although it's starting to get into a monthly thing” but I think that has to do with getting paid once a month rather than every two weeks.

Tomorrow will be interesting. A friend of mine has let me use her scooter for a few days, to see how that goes before dropping the big bucks on one of my own. Her scooter got stolen Friday night, she called me to go with her to collect it at about midnight or so. We couldn't get it started so I had to lift it (they're pretty heavy, I found out) into the back of her car- a Honda Civic- and take it home that way.

We dropped it at my house and I took a look at it on Saturday morning. Turns out that the bike probably wasn't locked. The key has three positions. run, off and lock. to turn the key to lock, you have to make sure the handlebars are all the way to the right, then you push and turn the key and it locks the steering column. You can take the key out without locking it, so I think her friend that borrowed it just did that.

I was about to describe how the cocksmoker was able to hotwire the scooter, but seeing as how often this site is indexed by search engines, I don't want to give anyone who doesnt know how to do it any ideas. Suffice to say he broke open the body of the bike to gain access to the wiring areas. I was able to fix it fairly easily andstart it right up. In return for that, she took me out for dinner last night and is letting me ride it for a bit.

Hopefully I'll have a post in the next couple days saying how my quality of life has improved from not having to sit in traffic for an hour in the morning and get to work pissed off and crabby already. Hopefully the next post isn't from someone else who has my login saying I died in a traffic accident :)

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