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Wednesday, March 30, 2005
I created a new Yahoo Group last night, because I made a lot of good friends at my last job and we're quite literally flung out all over the world these days.
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So I'm off to Miami tomorrow. I started making a list of things I need to do (starting with DONT FORGET YOUR PASSPORT THIS TIME, SCHMEEB) with a reminder at 6:30am. It has things like “stop at Tiger Direct” pick up HD in it's details, stop at Circuit City and try and find a 1gb Shuffle for Seb, Fix so-and-so's machine, pick up time card blanks, check/set IP address on photocopier/printer, G's laptop IP address and “check on computers in Ft Lauderdale” with various reminder times to help keep me on-task and maybe get back here tomorrow night on the last flight. (im taking my toothbrush and an overnight bag, just in case though)

I then remembered that I'm a card-carrying übergeek and to put them into Outlook which (since it's connected to an Exchange Server), will be available to me via Outlook Web Access anywhere I happen to be) but that won't do me any good in the airplane, in immigration or in a rental car. Wait! I have a smartphone! I'll just sync the tasks to my phone (and since the phone is unlocked, I can use it with a Cingular SIM card in Miami and retain my contacts, emails, etc on one device). I went into the registry and turned off the “force guest mode” and then set up a new partnership to my phone so I could sync my tasks list to it when I plug it in for charging here at work.

Except that it didn't sync my tasks list to my phone in the Options screen, and there was no checkbox next to tasks as if it were unsupported or something. A quick Googling turned up that Activesync 3.7.0 did not quite support EVERYTHING in Outlook 2003/Exchange 2003, but that 3.7.1 did. Next stop: Microsoft Download Center. Right there, smack in the middle of the screen, without any searching: ActiveSync 3.8.0. I downloaded it, installed & upgraded my 3.7.0 installation, selected tasks and synced them over.

Good to go.

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Saturday, March 26, 2005

Well I'll be double-dipped. I've been sick for coming up on two weeks now with no relief in sight. I was just about finished 10 days of Penicillin-V and still not having any relief. Being that it's a long weekend this weekend (Good Friday and Easter Monday) I decided to take the hit in the wallet and go see the doctor.

I got in between appointments (he was only open a half-day on Thursday as well) and he said “what can I do for you today?” I pointed at my throat, and he said “let's have a look” and he didn't even need to get out a tongue depressor and his little light to see the big globs of white goo on my tonsils. He DID check it out with the light and stuff afterwards, and said that was probably what was causing the upset stomach, as well. I told him I had been taking Pen-V for the last nine days and was nearly out of them and they didn't seem to be doing the trick. He gave me a bit of a funny look like “How did you get Penicillin? are you cheating on me?” (Shades of that Seinfeld episode where he goes to a different barber...)

He wrote me up two prescriptions, one for Augmentin and another for Entex (decongestant). I was a bit concerned about the cost, but I think that was more because of bad experiences in the past. Back in the day when I was making do on $950 a month, I got sick and had to go to the Doc, and it was $80 for the consultation “Yup, you're sick. a throat infection, here's a prescription” and another $75 for the antibiotics that he gave me that didn't really work. The difference now is that I have a GOOD healthcare plan, which covers prescriptions. I asked HR at work and they said yeah just show them the card when you hand in your scrips and they'll take care of it.

I went to Kirk's for lunch that day(Thursday), because they have a pharmacy there, as well as a Deli/salad bar/hot food bar (Who says we're 3rd world?) and when I went to pay for them, it was only $8.50! $7.55 for the antibiotics and $0.90 for the Entex (well it was a substitute). The rest was automatically charged to the insurance company, which was kinda cool. I took one right away with my sandwich and another that night at dinner. It was Renee's birthday dinner party at Edoardo's and I sucked it up and went. I was still feeling mostly like ass though.

I fell asleep Thursday night and slept like a baby. I actually slept all the way through without waking up once coughing or with an upset stomach. When I woke up Friday morning the first thing I noticed was that it DIDN'T hurt to swallow! I looked in the mirror and all the white was gone from my tonsils, although they were still a little red and swollen. I popped another one, and another last night with dinner and I'm actually feeling human again already. I'm going to keep taking them until they're gone, just so I can have a clear conscience that I'm not contributing to the superbug problem. :)

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I've been a little under the weather the past nearly-two weeks. Two saturdays ago I slept in til 2pm, for no apparent reason. I guess I was tired? I went out that night, had one drink, came home, back to bed by 1:00 and when I woke up Sunday morning I had a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Yuck. I ended up staying in bed all day Sunday. I didn't move a muscle. Later on Sunday night my hips and knees started aching and I thought to myself “oh bugger, I've got the flu” I called in sick the next day, marking the first time since I started here that I missed a day. I stayed in bed all day Monday and monday night, too. Monday night I started feeling a bit human again, so I decided to try and go in to work late Tuesday morning. Wasn't a good idea. I wasn't out of the house for more than 5 mins before I started feeling like ass. There's NOTHING worse than being in hot weather and slightly sweaty when you have flu symptoms and/or a fever.

By Wednesday it hadn't changed at all yet (other than being at work miserable) so I decided to call up the Doc and get some antibiotics for the infection in my throat. Just in case it wasn't really the flu, but something due to inhaling mold spores while spending a day and a half in our old, gross. moldy, un-repaired office building mucking out old computers for the insurance guy.

It's now the following Thursday. I didn't get to dive last weekend, and while I'm better than I was last week, I still have a sore throat and swollen tonsils, and I'm almost out of penicillin. I'm going to try and get in to see the Doc again today, before the four-day Easter weekend kicks in.

I've got one more post up my sleeve that I'll put up later, but other than that, unless I come across something worth posting about, have a good Easter. Bok! Bok!

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Friday, March 18, 2005

OK so it's not the WHOLE book, but rather a dramatisation based on the book, and acted out old-old-old-old-school radio style. I didn't even know it existed, but thanks to the wonder of the internet, I read about it on another site this morning, clicked over and alas, the direct download was gone due to bandwidth constrictions. There was a torrent file there though. Im currently downloading it and will give it a listen this weekend.

For those of you who don't know, Neuromancer is a book by William Gibson (who also happens to live in Vancouver) sometimes called “The Godfather of Cyberpunk” and the guy who's credited with coining the terms 'cyberpunk' 'The Matrix' and had visions of what the future would be like (that were pretty close to what's turned out so far) while being (reportedly) a bit of a cyber-luddite himself.

So click over to the page and download it. If you like it, consider reading the whole book. It's actually book one of a trilogy, along with Count Zero and Mona Lisa Overdrive.


UPDATE: The torrent at the site I linked to is down. It was removed at the request of the BBC by the site's owner.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005
If you don't know what the title is, you don't have to read on, you won't understand it. This post is so I'll have a permalink to use to refer to this document in the future. :)
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
I know what you're thinking... there's no hockey! And there's no ice in Cayman!
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Monday, March 14, 2005
March 14th is now officially "Steak and Blowjob Day". Simple, effective and self explanatory, this holiday has been created so you ladies finally have a day to show your man how much you care for him.
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Friday, March 11, 2005
I've been trying to make a record of all the thoughts running 'round my head about how to address the "Six Months Later" article I talked about last month. Today is the six month anniversary and I still dont have anything concrete to write down. Fortunately there's a good piece in the Cayman Spirit today, parts of which I'll re-print (most likely without permission) below.
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Came across this one today, already added it's XML address to my aggregator, and I'll add it to he blogroll down there on the right later on today.

Divester is it's name and it's a blog about: hold it now, Scuba Diving. Same company as Engadget and Hackaday, same software & commenting engine, too.

I happened to find it while the latest article was about tipping the boat crew.. something I know a lot about from both sides of it. It seems like they're trying to fill a desperately needed hole in the Scuba Diving media: all the big magazines are basically whores to their advertisers. They're honest about it, but they're still whores. :) These guys want to be a little more altruistic about their postings: the good, the bad and the ugly.

Only time will tell, but it should be a good read either way.

Website address:

RSS Feed:


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Yes another one, also unrelated bits and pieces from the week.
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Friday, March 4, 2005

I didn't know they were playing again this week (last night) until John told me on Wednesday, and he only knew because he lives with the lead singer, and THEY only found out on Tuesday.

I made a post about their show last week (and not much since then so scroll down to read it) and posted a bunch of pictures to Flickr. Last Thursday Club Octopus was pretty busy, a lot of people came down to see the return of Ratskyn. There were little blurbs on the radio about it during the week, I think there was an ad in the paper, too.

This week there was nothing. No radio, no newspaper, and not enough word of mouth. The bar was practically empty. The usual suspects were there... close friends & roommates (and former roommates) of the band, but very little “outside public”. Part of that is that the whole island is dead right now. We were at Coconut Joe's for a bite to eat beforehand and they were dead. Aqua Beach was dead, Lone Star was a ghost town... but I guess that's what happens when you only have 10% of your hotel room stock available.

Being in an empty bar listening to a friends' band took me back a bunch of years. In the early 90s there used to be this bar called The Lunatic Fringe on East Broadway in Vancouver. It changed names a bunch of times since then, and last time I bothered checking it was a karaoke bar where people kept getting shot in gang warfare. Some friends of mine were in a band back then called The Neurotics, and they were the “house band“ and played there every Sunday night. Every Sunday night a bunch of us would go down there and fill seats and support the band, but usually the only other people in the bar were hookers who were coming in out of the cold to take a break. We still had fun, and The Neurotics are still playing together at gigs in Vancouver. I keep an eye on their website for schedules hoping that one of these days I'll be in town when they're playing a “public“ gig.

Ratskyn really played a tight set last night. They were even better than they were last week, but no one was there to hear it, which is a shame. Club Octopus should have made SOME effort to publicize it a little. I've got a bunch of flyers to start papering windshields with this upcoming week, (yet ANOTHER resemblance to $imdb(Rock Star)) and hopefully I can drive some traffic to them from here, too.

If you're coming to Cayman in the next few weeks, make sure and put Club Octopus on your “To-do” list on Thursday nights.

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Thursday, March 3, 2005

OK this has got to be the funniest friggin thing I've seen since... since... since the last funniest friggin thing I've ever seen.

Saw the link on BoingBoing from yesterday (I think) and clicked it because I HAD to, and now I'm sitting here at work with tears rolling down my cheeks from laughing so hard and trying to explain to everyone in the open-plan setting that no, I'm really working.

Thursday, March 3, 2005 9:28:48 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [0] | Links#
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