Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, October 7, 2004

Me with a beard. I call it “The Ché”

My body has gotten used to the new routine now, I guess it has been for a little bit now. I didn't think about it til just a couple days ago, and when I did, I realized just how alike every day is.

Usually wake up around 0530 when it starts getting light out (The roosters dont help, they start crowing at 2300 for awhile, and then at 0300, and then again around 0500 or so and then keep it up ALL DAY LONG. I really don't hear them all that much anymore, I guess my brain just filters them out. Water comes on around 6ish, and there's nothing like a cold shower to awaken and invigorate you, and get the slimy feeling of sweating all night off of you. After that, we fire up some sterno and boil the kettle for breakfast. Instant coffee and a slice of bread with \$g\((?PB&J[\w\s\d]+)\)  on it for breakfast.

I've never had a PB&J sandwich until this hurricane. As a kid, I didn't like it. As I got older and had Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and things I figured one day I'd give it a try. As PB doesnt really need to be refrigerated, I bought some and put it in my Hurricane Preparedness Kit. Same thing with oatmeal. I like Oatmeal cookies, but never really liked oatmeal on it's own. John says that's why we got hit with the hurricane, cause it was Mother Nature's way of forcing me to try them. :-)

After Breakfast, about 0630 or so I have a couple hours “to myself” while it's cool and light out. The last week or so that cool time has been spent up to my elbows in greasy Jeep engine compartment. Usually around 0830 or so I leave for work, and if I have any stops to make, I do them then (such as going to Parker's for car parts... I think they should just put a cot in there for me I spend so much time in there). Cafe Del Sol is open again, but I don't know if theyr'e serving coffee yet, just internet provision. Olde English Bakery is open downtown as well for internet access and The Full Monty! (I havent had one of those since before we did the South Beach Diet in Feb!)  They're also selling the “I Survived Hurricane Ivan” t-shirts to help the hurricane relief fund. I heard that last week alone they donated $10,000. at $15 bucks a shirt, THAT'S A LOT OF SHIRTS!

Speaking of Internet Connections, I finally got my MPx200 Mobile Web up and running. I REALLY wish I had figured it out before, as I could have been posting to here DURING the storm. The Access Point name in the Edit Data Connections page is CASE-SENSETIVE. Bloody hell.

So I get in to work around 0900. I spend the day troubleshooting (we've got our systems up and running here and there and connected via this-n-that) and extracting machines from the debris, cleaning them up and seeing if they still work. Thankfully all the data was stored on the servers which survived, as did their backups. If everyone had their own data locally, like some places do who don't want to centralize everything and give certain sysadmins “too much power” then we woulda been hosed. Lunch was being provided/flown in for us at first, but now that restaurants are starting to open up again, Lunch has been a lunch-break. Yesterday I went and sat at the bar at Lone Star and had a cheeseburger and fries. Little things like that that make it feel like we're making progress. Subway, BK, Wendy's are open, Fidel Murphy's is open, Hammerheads and Paradise Bar & Grill are open. Champion House is open as well, but a bunch of staff who have eaten there recently have all gotten sick, so I'll steer clear of there.

Work usually goes til 1700, and I usually stick around til about 1800. Get my “personal” surfing in on my own time, and then head home making a stop at Foster's at the Airport (which has a limited supply of meat now that other groceries don't) Get home, take another cold shower while the water's still on, fix something to eat around 1930 or so, maybe a little later.

By then it's pretty much pitch black. Finish up, clean up and then that's about it. I've been listening to the Freeplay Radio and reading by oil lamp and/or the ambient light on the Coleman Portable Power Center. Rarely am I still awake by 2200, but if I am, the stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of West Bay. The Milky Way stretches from horizon to horizon, and there are SO MANY stars visible that it's hard to see even well-known constellations like the Big DipperOrion and Cassiopeia. There's more light pollution at night now that so many people are running generators, and along with that, instead of sleeping to crickets, you get to sleep to the sound of generators.

Lather, rinse and repeat as necessary.

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