Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Friday, November 26, 2004

This website has been up since January 18, 2001. I was sitting in the back of the dive shop in Texas complaing to Rich about changing my email address AGAIN. Went from to before I left, then I was using Yahoo mail while I was in-transit. When I got set up down here, I had a address, and then when I moved to Texas I had a address and a hotmail address, and then cox was changing everyone's address to something else. Every time I changed addresses, I would send out an email to everyone in my address book(s) notifying them of the change, and I just got tired of it. Rich said I should just register my own domain and have control over my own email address and even told me where I could host it. With that in mind, was born. Now, three years later, I'm getting over 1000 spam messages a week into my inbox on average and have started migrating slowly to my gmail account.

There's a stats engine running on the website, however it's a static display. I used to bug Rich every now and then to generate a new report for me and it would show me the website statistics from Jan 18, 2001 to the present. At the end of October, right before Rich and Steve went off to Africa to climb Mt Killimanjaro, I had him generate a report and the grand total was pretty high, considering my intended audience. 840,000 hits and 66,000 page views. I realize there are sites that get that much traffic in a day, or even in an hour, but MY website? The only people I knew were reading my website were my friends & family, and people down here in Cayman who were looking for pictures from last weekend's party. (there's a new game in town as well called who have photographers out at parties & bars taking pictures to drive traffic to their site so they can sell advertising space)

A few days ago I had Rich generate a report for me from just Sept 1, 2004 to the present. Holy... Cow... In the last 80 days or so, has taken 544,000 hits and 48,000 page views. That's a big chunk of my entire website's existence in the last three months. The message spread by word-of-mouth and email fwd's in September that I was posting before and after stuff about Hurricane Ivan, and had a bunch of pictures of the damage done up as well. Some friends of mine who have a much higher readership to their websites posted links to it, and “The hits just keep on coming”. As soon as the links started piling up, MSN, Yahoo and Google's spiders started coming around more frequently, and also a spider from a japanese web search engine called Baidu. As the site got indexed, more and more people were finding it via those search engines and passing the link on as well.

So to all the people who have spread the word, thank you and welcome to my world :)

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