Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Sunday, October 3, 2004

Thanks to Mark M, we had real beef burgers last night. We all went over to Jo's and cooked em up over there. There were Zac, Steph, Joanne, Bruce, Matty, Me, Frank (who owns The Ranch), Jules, Susan and Tim. we had some cold drinks, some hot burgers, and we played Pringles Trivial Pursuit Chips for awhile. These chips have questions and answers printed on the chips themselves. Whoever got the answer right got the chip!

Curfew has been extended now til 10pm so we didnt have to eat & run like last time. We only went through one package of patties, so the other is in the fridge til maybe Wednesday or Thursday and we'll do it all again.

I ran out of razor blades when I was in Miami, I dulled out about 3 Mach3 razors trying to get the fuzz off my face. Thankfully I realized it before I did too much damage, and was able to leave some semblance of “I meant to do this” goatee (sort of) Afterwards I decided I'd keep it until Pirates Week (if we still have a Pirates Week this year) and hopefully by then (November) I'll have power back and can bust out the clippers and get rid of it all.

The New Cooler kicks ass, and I've been able to get some ice at work that's flown in from Cayman Brac daily. I only remembered that yesterday though, so FROM NOW ON we'll have a cold ice chest as well as the fridge every now and then when they fire up the new generator.

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