Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Sunday, April 16, 2006

I actually started to write this last month while I was sitting at Vancouver International Airport awaiting my flight back to Grand Cayman after my last-minute trip home. It's been sitting in a folder since then moldering away losing relevance with every sleep.

The reason it's been brought back up was a conversation I had last Sunday with Shandi over at Legendz. Legendz just re-opened about the same time that I was home at the end of February. It used to be "our hangout" before the hurricane, and some of our friends had come back to Cayman to work there when it re-opened. Now that I'm living right across the street from there and am within walking distance, I'm over there even more. There's some new staff there, and they're finally getting used to us and don't recoil in fear and run away as fast as they did when they first re-opened.

Last Sunday I was chatting with Shandi, and I don't even remember how it came up, but she mentioned that the last restaurant she worked at specialized in skanky-looking waitresses. Laughingly, I turned to her and said "Where was that? Sammy J Peppers?" and her jaw hit the bar. By the look on her face, I knew I was right, which made it even funnier. When I stopped laughing long enough to take a breath, I asked her which one she worked at. "Coquitlam" was her reply, which is the one that I've been to the most, as it's the closest one to where my parents live, in North Burnaby. I asked her if she was working there last September/October and she said yes. I said that I was in there the night that the hockey season kicked off with the Canucks playing the Coyotes. She said yes she was behind the bar that night, so that hottie WAS her. My brother Tony and I met up with Orkley there that night, and we piled into a Suburban with his boss Jeff, his boss' brother, Mike the owner of Sammy J Peppers, and about 3 or 4 other guys who I don't really remember. Eight guys in a Suburban isn't that big a deal... except that Jeff is a monster, and his brother, who looks small next to Jeff is still well over 6' and probably a good 250lbs. I think there must have been close to 2000lbs of human flesh crammed into that SUV that night.

I told her that I had just written a piece for my website about the superior hiring practices of Sammy J Peppers, and decided then to pull it out of the mothballs, edit it for consitency and post it up here. It also reminded me of something my buddy Rich said before we headed off "somewhere" for lunch on my last trip home... "Joey Tomatoes has absolutely stunning waitresses. They're by far the most gorgeous creatures serving food around here. Or we could go to Sammy J Peppers, where the waitresses are also good looking, but dress really slutty. Of the two, Sammy J's would be the one to pick if you were basing your choice on where you'd most likely get a blowjob in the dry goods room..." So we went to Sammy's. In Coquitlam.

Even though it was lunch time, the boots, black dress & cleavage brigade was out in full force. I can't think of a better way to pass an hour away from work, can you?


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