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Monday, 20 June 2005

OK, so this isn't about girls.

I've been shopping for a new laptop recently. I had my eye on the Alienware Sentia, the Dell Inspiron 700m, the Acer Ferrari and the Sony Vaio S-series. I want something smaller than what I have now (Inspiron 8600, 15.4” WUXGA+) but with a widescreen, because it's better for watching movies/dvds/videos on.

I'll save the details for another post, as this one is specifically about the Dell Inspiron 700m. After a lot of reading and being scared off by lots of negative feedback, I came back to the Dell. I also checked out some online coupon/deal places and found a coupon code for $750 off. Holy crap! I spec'd out a 700m the way I wanted it, applied the coupon and wowzers, it worked! $750 off and free shipping! I saved it in my cart til I got home tonight to read the fine print.

I got home from the gym (and stopped at Calico Jacks for a few mins to say hi to everyone who's down for the wedding (bachelor party pictures to come soon as well) and then went home to shower and make dinner and buy a new laptop. As I was cooking dinner, the power went out. It came back up 45 mins later, and before you could say boo, it went back out again.

We decided to go get some ice cream, since the lights were on in town, and it was getting friggin hot in here with the a/c off and no fans going. We got home around 10:00 and I sat down to pull up my shopping cart on and read the fine print. It showed the laptop at it's original price, so I went back to the coupon site, copied the code and went and pasted it back into the shopping cart and hit update.

I got a popup window saying the coupon had expired. The coupon was valid until Thursday the 23rd or until it was used 3000 times. I guess that means that Dell sold 3000 laptops today. Left me shit out of luck.

I should have just plonked it down on my credit card this afternoon and gotten it over with.

Monday, 20 June 2005 20:12:55 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [2] | Tech#
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