Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Monday, October 31, 2005

Seb went through a lot of toruble for his costume, two trips out to the art supply store for paint, he shaved his head (well most of it anyway, and now he looks like a muffin-top) and really put a lot of effort into it (pics soon, it's late).

Zac & Ratskyn were supposed to be playing at Aqua Beach tonight, but it was cancelled because of rain. Lots of rain. So much rain that the constant drumming of it on the tin roof last night made me have dreams about haveing to put my jeep into 4wd-low to get through some of the muddy areas. Turns out that wasn't far off, as most of the island was under a couple inches (at least) of standing water this morning which made for a nasty 45-minute commute.

This evening, Christine and her sister Jenny came over to help Seb with his paint-work around 630 and he wasn't ready to go til early nine o'clock. During that time we had one trick-or-treater come by the house. I wasn't expecting any, so the lucky kid got a full-size Coffee Crisp bar that you can't even buy down here on the island. Didn't even say thank-you! Kids today! I tell ya...

Since Zac wasn't playing at Aqua beach, we all decided to meet up at McCoy's, who were having an indoor halloween party and a DJ. We got there and Matty & Jules were there, Christine & Gary, her sister Jenny and their friend Kevin who's over visiting from the UK, John, Ed & Zac were all there, too. In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of Donny, the bartender. He had airbrushed his face sorta silver with a black grid and had real pins sticking out of his head and his face and a big high-collared black jacket with tails. A perfect Pinhead from Hellraiser. Zac was dressed up like a white Jimmy Hendrix, Matty we weren't sure what he was, either Tom Hanks from Castaway, or an extra on Lost or something. Christine and Jenny got dressed up, too. Christine was a bunny (and a lovely bunny at that) and Jenny was a little sailor girl. We had a few drinks there and then when it was 10:00 and we were still half the patrons in the bar, we moved down to Aqua Beach. I wrote about Aqua Beach last year, when they had their Halloween Trailer Trash Bash that turned into a brawl, but bottom line: they were packed last year. This year there were maybe 25-30 people there, with maybe 40% in costume.

Seb wanted to go check out Sunset House, because that's where the party USED to be, back in the day, and Zac said that there were a lot of people there and at Castaway's Grille. We drove past Coconut Joe's on the way... dead. We drove through downtown George Town and it was deserted. Hammerheads had Z99 doing a remote there and there was maybe 15 people at the bar. Senor Frog's looked dead, Hard Rock Cafe was closed, Breezes was closed, Paradise Bar & Grill was closed, Seaview looked like a haunted house (it probably is) and then we got down to Sunset House. There was parking available (most of the carpark) down right by the bar. It looked decoratd and there were a few people there, but no more than were at Aqua Beach. We didn't even get out of the car, we just turned around and started heading back up the beach. We stopped back in to McCoy's and Zac was just leaving, and there was maybe 10 people in there, so we didn't stay either and just came home.

I know that this is October 31st, it's the middle of rainy season and one of the absolute lowest times of the year, tourism-wise, but come on! The whole island seemed deserted tonight! It was particularly eerie down on the waterfront in George Town: they had all the lights and flags and temporary fencing/barriers set up for crowd control for Pirate's Week and there was not a soul in the entire downtown harborfront area! Nothing! No one! Not even a tumbleweed! Everyone was so excited to have Pirate's week back because it was cancelled last year due to no one having water or electricity, a curfew in effect and oh yeah, no tourists allowed then, either.

Maybe the other 39,887 residents, 20 or so Seattle Seafair Pirates who are here and all 6 tourists who are on the island were at Castaway's, or maybe this was just the lamest Halloween ever.

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