Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Monday, November 1, 2004

You know how there's always one (or two) assholes at a party who are just there to see what kind of trouble they can stir up? The ones you can tell are looking to start trouble? They happened to be sitting at the same table as us last night. I was sitting next to this guy, and he spilled his drink on me not once, not twice but THREE TIMES. It wasn't so much that he got dumped and spilled it, but he purposely tipped it and poured a little bit on me and then looked at me to see what I was going to do about it. He also kept his elbow in my ribs and was just jackin around. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction, so I got up and went to the bar, and when I came back, I went to the other side of the table and socialized over there.

Seeing as how he wasn't going to get a reaction out of me, he groped Jules (The Turtle Magnet) as she walked past (she works at Aqua Beach now and was working) so she spun around and gave him a good talking-to, and he sorta made placating “im just goofing around! look! im so cute and adorable you can't be mad at me!” type gestures. She walked off and then I went to the bathroom. I had to stand in line for the bathroom, what the hell? a lineup for the GUYS bathroom? Anyway, when I came out of the bathroom, it was onnnnn like Donkey Kong.

Apparently the Manager of the bar already had his eye on this guy. This girl Jennie (not HazMat Jenny, but another Jennie) was sitting at the table near where this joker was sitting, and had a low-cut top on. She said that he was hanging over her shoulder looking down her top, and not even trying to be subtle about it or anything so she got up and moved, too. Then he groped another waitress as she walked past and then the Manager came over and said “look, you need to behave yourself, my customers and my staff are complaining about you” and he started running off at the mouth in patois and getting in the manager's face. SO, the manager picked him up by the shirt, carried him across the bar and threw him out on the sidewalk. Then the little twerp came up swinging.

In hindsight, it was probably a pretty stupid thing for him to do, because the next thing he knew he was being held in a front-facelock (picture WWF wrestling) and was getting pummeled in the face, and bled all over the manager's shirt and shoes. Rather than take it like a man and leave, he went berserk and tried to come after the manager again, and got the smack laid down on him again. Then him and his buddy ran down the front of the bar on the sidewalk and around the side to where there's a construction site next door. they both grabbed 2x4s and came back, and this time, this woman (who was WITH THEM) stopped him and threw him down. it was sort of a clothesline-type takedown and she was a good two times bigger than he was. STILL he kept trying to come back in and mix it up some more. Next thing I know bricks and bottles are flying into the bar area from the parking lot, and I saw something small and shiny in his hand. At that point I called 911 and said “there's some serious troublemakers here” and the dispatch said they had already been called and police were on their way. I said “Whatever you're sending, double it, they've got weapons now”. She put me on hold and I guess got on the radio and told the officers and then came back and asked me what kind of weapons. I said they were throwing bricks & bottles into the bar, they had what looked like 2x4s or pipes and one of them looked like they had a knife.

The cops showed up and separated them, but STILL this guy was screaming at the manager that he was going to come back and kill him. He kept trying to get away from the cops and run around the back of the cop car to get at him again. I don't know why or what for. I guess his ego was so badly damaged that he felt he had to do something to redeem himself. After all that, the police didn't arrest either of the troublemakers, and asked them to get in their car and go home. WHAT THE HELL??? there was only like 100 witnesses to them causing trouble, throwing bottles and bricks and starting a fight with the manager and a couple bartenders three or four times!

AFTER all that happened, THEN some bouncers from The Next Level and a couple security guards showed up, and a bit later on while we were paying our tab and leaving, two officers (one in uniform and one in fatigues and a black t-shirt) stood their with their car out front just to have a presence.

Aside from that, it was a pretty good party. The theme was Trailer Trash (and boy did it live up to that theme) and there were some good costumes. lots of wife beater t-shirts, cut-offs, monobrows, big sideburns, trucker hats, that sort of thing. A couple girls came in prom dresses and beach balls under them to make them look pregnant, or one girl was in her prom dress with her baby (doll) in a carrier (and the baby had a lit cigarette in it's hand). Funny stuff. Jenny (Hazmat) said she felt like she was back in Arkansas again!

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