Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Tuesday, November 2, 2004

Y'know that song by Filter (the guys who did “Hey man, nice shot”) called Take a Picture? It vividly recalls a memory for me everytime I see it. When it was big on the radio about four or five years ago, I had just bought Betty (my '87 poweder blue with pink racing stripes Suzuki Samurai) and I was driving around to Rum Point, just because I could. I think I was somewhere past Bodden Town, and that song came on. I had the top off the jeep, and the sun was coming through the palm fronds dappling Betty & I with sparkly light, kind of like the reflections off a swimming pool.

Whenever I hear the beginning of that song, it instantly takes me back to that spot, that day, that everything and reminds me of all the good reasons I've lived here so long. Once in awhile, when I feel the need to be reminded of those things, that song just happens to come up either on the radio or on my MP3 player. It's kinda spooky that way.

Last night Z99 played that song around 6pm. It was almost dusk, and the sky was all reds and pinks from the sunset and I was driving home from Hurley's. As the guitars strummed and the drums kicked in, I had the image in my mind of driving down the Queen's Highway with the sun coming through the palm trees and through the open top of my jeep.

Pimp My Ride!

The only difference between then and now was the hoopty. I had to laugh a little, in comparing Betty with the car I'm borrowing at the moment. No sunroof. The driver's side window doesnt roll down, the a/c doesnt work, it almost overheats if I try to drive it during the day, and it has a few other little quirks and idiosyncracies. I'm sure that if I lived closer to Southern California, then this car would be a good candidate for Pimp My Ride.

Makes you wish for the days when car commercials were simpler. Like this one. 88dodgesaires.asf (1.17 MB)

Still, it's better than walking. I hitched a ride to Aqua Beach last night and I walked from Oceanside to almost 4-way Stop before someone picked me up, and he was only going as far as Public Beach. I walked from there (in the pitch black, which may have been part of the reason why no one would pick me up) to about The Westin before someone else picked me up and dropped me in front of Pizza Hut on Seven Mile Beach.

I got to the bar before last call and caught up with my friends. Paulie was there, I haven't seen him since the storm, John flew back in yesterday, Zac & Steph were there, Matty was there, J was there, and another guy I guess they work with were all sitting at a table. Little Bucket and her crew were there, too. Sue, my neighbour runs around with Little Bucket! what a small island! Uncle Daddy was around, too, following the girls around, tryin to hug n kiss on them and sweatin all over them. Ugh.

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