Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, September 8, 2005


Last night the local TV station, CITN, aired a documentary that they've been working on for nearly a year. It was footage & photos from GIS & others along with interviews of some people with 'extraordinary' stories of survival. It was one-hour long, no commercials and had pretty good production values, too.

I couldn't help but noticing a couple things:

  1. The British girl and her mother who were interviewed throughout had a pretty nasty story about getting caught out in the storm with her five-week old baby.. because they left their safe shelter and headed out into the storm before the strm surge had subsided and while we were between the eyewalls! Ivan had concentric eyewalls more than once while he was on his way here. Some people (like these ones) ventured out when they thought the worst of the storm was over, when  the worst was still yet to come. There's a reason that NOAA and everyone else urges people to remain in safe shelter until the official all clear has been given.
  2. From both the list of sponsors and the story itself, aside from about 7 seconds of stock footage, there was no mention of Cayman Airways or the massive airlift that they organized and executed to take people out and bring supplies in. There's gotta be a story behind that.

If you live under a rock ON The Rock, or you have satellite and don't get the local station, or you don't live here but still want to see it, I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is that unless you can pick up CITN over the air or have cable in the Cayman Islands, you won't get to see the repeat of it (why do they insist on calling a repeat an encore presentation? That should be limited to actual performances, not rebroadcasts or reruns) on Saturday night, Sept 10th. The good news? I just saved a bunch of money on my car ins... just kidding. :) The good news is that there's a torrent file attached to the bottom of this post that you can download a DVD image of the show. The bad news is that you have to know what BitTorrent is and how to use it.

Im posting from the parking lot of Cafe Del Sol at the moment, latching on to someone's unsecured wireless access point with the default SSID and no security, so I'll come back to this later and put in some links.

Edit: links added 11:55EST

36HoursInSeptember.iso.torrent (28.33 KB)
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