Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, June 3, 2004

Well this week has been a bit overwhelming. Im going from managing one server locally and four remotely via a DSL VPN link to sitting next to a rack with nine servers in it (and one more should arrive this weekend). They're running everything from NT4 to Server 2003, and one Virtual Server running 2003. Exchange, SMS, SUS, Exchange, SQL 2000, ISA, Firewalls, Scriptlogic, Citrix MetaFrame and that's not incuding the custom apps for accounting and the big Revenue Generator program. We've got DSL, Frame Relay, C&W's infamous "direct connect", wireless point-to-point and a whole 19“ rack full of patch panels, switches and routers. Plus close to 200 desktops and terminal emulation programs. Im trying to spend a few hours a day just trying to get a handle on the naming conventions, and who does what (as far as the servers go) and where it is.

I'll tell you one thing though. It sure is a nice change to be respected at your job. So far, I've brought two innovations to the table (besides my haircut, thanks Rich :p ) One are those 3Com Intellijack switches to cut down on cabling, and the other is the Zyxel B-4000 Wireless hotspot-in-a-box. That's the same one I set up for the Seaview Hotel & Dive Resort a couple weeks ago to give them in-room internet and wireless access in the lobby, dining room, restaurant and bar. It works great (albeit I had to add in an outdoor omni-directional antenna from Little Bucket at Kirk's ISS to boost the signal enough to penetrate the walls into the rooms) and the setup is DIRT easy. I was up and running in about 5 mins. It has built in authentication, accounting, a thermal slip printer for handing out usernames and passwords, and it's as simple to use as pushing the big green button on the printer to generate a 1-hour username and password.

I brought it up today, as I did during my interview, and they said “We were waiting for you to come onboard before rolling it out.” We ordered it a few minutes later. A couple weeks ago, trying to do anything innovative would have been met with a big fat slap in the face. It just goes to show you the difference a little vision in management can make. It's not just that they can't see the forest for the trees, but they can't see the trees for the bark. Everybody knows what happens when you go running in the woods without looking where you're going... you end up running smack into a tree and knocking yourself out or worse.

We can only hope.

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