Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, November 25, 2004

First link of the day! NINJA Canned Air! Beware the nano-shurikens of doom!

Second link of the day! “Excuse me, I believe you have my stapler?” “And, and I told Don too, because they've moved my desk four times already this year, and I used to be over by the window, and I could see the squirrels, and they were merry, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler...”

Third link of the day! Get inside the mind of your enemy! An interview with the guy who designed the Covenant AI for Halo 2!

Last night we went to Aqua Beach and poor Little Bucket was there, hardly able to stand up. I swear, the girl weighs about 60-odd pounds, so one drink and a drunk person breathing on her is enough to topple her into the abyss of drunkeness where you don't even realize when your pink bits are hanging out of your dress. And me without my camera.

Traffic sucked again this morning, 45 mins to go from Northwest Point to Cafe Del Sol. It wasn't because of school buses, as there were kids hanging out on the side of the road waiting, it wasn't because of CUC trucks blocking traffic, they were off on the side of the road, it wasnt because of traffic coming out of Safehaven, it wasn't because of the Ritz or The Strand shopping center, AND it extended all the way to the Hyatt, after which was clear sailing. Didn't we just lose 10,000 cars from the storm???

It started raining this morning right after I left Cafe Del Sol, and lucky for them, I happened to see Dawn & Jenny trying to crowd under a single umbrella while walking to work, so I pulled over in the Pimp Mobile and gave them a lift. I'll always remember Dawn, she was my first... the first email I ever got in my Gmail inbox.

I also wanna give a warm, wet  welcome to our newest, biggest pal, and Big Toe: Donna from Deckers. She's reason enough to come to Cayman right now! Raining and can't go to the beach? No problem! Head over to Decker's for a cold frosty beverage, 'cause a smile from Donna is like staring directly into the sun! :)

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