Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Sunday, July 1, 2007

I'm SURE that this wasn't going through their heads when they decided to pull a prank on a friend's car in the long-term parking lot at the airport, but it's what happened as told to me by someone who talked to the perps last night:

J left island and left his Land Rover in the parking lot at the airport...

X and Y decide to prank him by wrapping his entire vehicle in police "caution" tape... they take pictures of it and put it up on Facebook so J can see the product...

Someone at the airport saw the finished wrap job, and was maybe influenced by CNN a little when they were covering the recent car bombings in England...

He/She decides to pull the red alert... coincidently enough, the governor was flying in that day... They close the airport, get the police on the scene in full on SWAT/bomb scare attire....and air evac the governor to Jamaica by helicopter.

Lost track of events after that, but apparently a security guard at the airport recorded X's car plates...they were personal tags so easy to remember and they get his cell number and they call him...

So X says he's sitting there and gets a phone call from the fucking police commissioner himself, asking him to come into the station! X thinks that it's one of J's friends trying to prank him after seeing it on facebook and basically tells him to fuck off! They keep calling him and he keeps hanging up... Finally he says to them... "Look...I'm not going to drive down to the station cause I've had a lot to drink!  If you want me, come get me...I'm at Bamboo!"

Ten minutes later, officers come into Bamboo cuff him and take him away.  X's still thinking it's a joke at this point and Y's giving him the "shut up" sign! Reality hit him when they put him in the squad car and take him away.  Moral of the story....don't use caution tape to wrap up a vehicle!


Ahh geeze, I can't wait for Tuesday's editorial about how some pranks just aren't funny blah blah blah.. I was in tears laughing about it when it was told to me, especially the part about telling the police commissioner to fuck off!

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