Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, March 9, 2006

OK, so I admit, the title is somewhat misleading and was written to evoke an image of a horror movie, or at least some horrid nickname of a genocidal maniac. But no, this is somewhat tamer than that. It isn't even as bad as the old campfire story we used to tell the younger kids at Cub Camp about "Artie Chokes, 4 for $999 dollars at Safeway".

If you happen to live in the first-world (or even the second-world) you probably will read this and wonder what the big deal is, but for me, it was impressive. Im sure I'll probably get used to it and take it for granted once I eventually move back home one year and get used to service like that, but for now, it was a good experience.

Here in Cayman, your supermarket choices run from A to B, and if you feel like driving out that far, C. Foster's is the big supermarket with two big stores and a little store, all with an IGA affiliation. Kirk's Supermarket is in George Town and seems to have a non-advertised affiliation with Safeway, as while I was home I found a lot of "house-brand" products at Safeway that we   have at Kirk's. Finally there's Hurley's Marketplace out at Grand Harbor. They have Presiden't Choice stuff out there, which is nice for homesickness days.

Of the four stores that I go to, Kirk's has the best produce and hard-to-find items, Foster's at the Strand has a pretty good butcher, and Hurley's has lots of parking... Really, I can't think of anything to say about Hurley's other than the PC brand stuff because it's "so far away" (it's all relative) that i hardly ever go out there.

When I was home last week, I went down to the "new" Safeway at Willingdon & Hastings (there was an old one there and they tore ir down and built a bigger one) because my mom liked the butcher there. Not like Alice liked Sam the butcher, but she liked his work, gutter-minds. Anyway I went down there with her to get some steaks for dinner. They have the "baseball" cut steaks which is a top sirloin that's about two and a half inches thick, and cut round, so it looks kinda like a baseball. Tastier, too. Anyway, they steaks looked GOOD. Nice and red (with or without Carbon Monoxide I don't know), moist-looking and mmmm it's makin me hungry just thinkin about it.

The butcher came around, he looked like he was maybe 20, curly blonde hair and chubby, rosy cheeks (remember this is Vancouver, it was bloody cold) He looked like a little cherub... with a big knife. We told him we wanted four of the baseball steaks and get this... he pulled out the tray and asked us which ones we wanted! WTF is THAT all about??? Here it's point, grunt, smile and accept what they give you!

SO to recap, you probably don't think that's such a big deal if you live in a 1st world country, but to me that was something! Our grocery stores arent even OPEN on Sundays, and you're lucky if the checkout girl says hi to you and isn't talking on her cell phone while she's swiping through your stuff, hands you your change without even looking and starts shoving the next person's groceries through while you're still trying to put your change away and grab your bags.

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