Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, November 18, 2004

I read today on BoingBoing about a band called the Kleptones. They've gone and remixed Queen's A Night At The Opera with hip-hop. The result? Pretty friggin cool. 23 tracks, with various rappers (so far I've recognized ODB ,Biz Markie and Eminem rapping over Bicycle Race!) and also mixed in soundclips as filler between the tracks. It's one hour and 20 minutes long.

BoingBoing linked the story from who have been slapped with a cease and desist letter and threat of lawsuit from Disney of all places, because Disney owns Hollywood Records, who own the rights to Queen's catalog) He points out that he isnt even hosting the files, just links to other servers, but he still got slapped with the order.

If you like it, apparently there's something else along the same vein called The Gray Album by DJ Dangermouse, who's remixed The Beatles White Album with Jay-Zs Black album. I haven't heard that one yet, though.

There's a great comment on the post by Matt: “If no one makes any money on something, the record label considers it a loss” bunch of arse.

If you know what a torrent is, click the link below to get your hands on it before it disapears forever because of the RIAA. If you don't know what a torrent file is, DON'T click it, and DON'T ask me to explain it to you, that's what Google is for. :-)

The.Kleptones.-.A.Night.At.The.Hip-Hopera[1].torrent (39.67 KB)
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