Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Tuesday, October 4, 2005

This is going to take a while to type out, because my fingers are so cold it's slowing down my typing speed.

I made it back to Vancouver yesterday, after spending the weekend in Toronto. I arrived Friday night and went to this place called “Richtree Market Restaurant” which was the neatest idea I've heard of in awhile, for a restaurant. 

As you go in, you're handed a “passport” and then there are about ten different kitchens. This one was a rotisserie, this one was a pizza oven, that one did pasta, another was a carvery, a steak grill, there was a sushi bar, a dessert area, a coffee bar, omelette station, a wine bar, etc etc. You get a tray and then just wander around seeing what looks and/or smells good, and then they make-it-to-order right there and stamp your passport. At the end, you go up to the cashier area (right by the to-go fresh bread bakery, OMG the smell makes you hungry all over again) and they charge you based on what you ordered and got stamped. We were stuffed from dinner (I had a pizza and the pork tenderloin with rósti potatoes) that we just couldn't fit in a belgian waffle or crepe for dessert, so we decided we would go back on Saturday afternoon JUST for lunch.

Saturday morning I hit Tim Horton's for some tea & donuts, and then in the afternoon we went walkabout in downtown Toronto. We went to the Hockey Hall of Fame and spent a couple hours wandering around in there looking at the displays and trying out luck/skill at the shootout interactive thing, played broadcaster at the TSN interactive thing (talk about ADD as a job requirement).

We noticed there were a lot of people walking around with Leafs jerseys on, and I figured it had to be that there was a hockey game Saturday night. Sure it's only preseason, but still, when's the last time you say pro hockey? We decided rashly to just do it and got two tickets to the game. We had good seats, and halfway through the first period I realized that we were sitting in the wrong section. Oops! Eventually in the first intermission the people showed up, so we had to move, but no big deal, we just moved down a row to some empty seats there.

Sunday I got to play tourist and went to Niagara Falls. It's kind of cheesy and touristy, but holy cow... mere words just can't describe the raw power that much water going that fast has. We walked all the way along River Rd from the Rainbow bridge all the way to the point where you're mere feet away from the lip of the falls. It's almost powerful enough to suck you right over the railing. It was also raining there, while it was sunny everywhere else, from all the mist condensing and falling down onto you. I took a few pictures with my camera in a ziploc bag and I'll post em up soon. I also noticed all the girls hair around us was standing straight up, I guess there's a lot of static electricity in the air from all that water and friction.

We had dinner at Montana's up on Clifton Hill after that... Neither of us had any idea all that “midway” stuff: haunted houses, wax museums, and other touristy stuff was there. We walked back to the car and resisted the urge to go into the casinos and headed back to Toronto after dinner. I had to get up at o'dark-hundred to catch a flight to Vancouver, so I crashed out in the car on the way back.

More from Vancouver (Canucks game tomorrow night, wooooo) and pics coming up soon

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