Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Tuesday, June 7, 2005

OK, so I haven't been to the gym since February, and my belt got tight at a new hole last week, so I decided it was time to do something about it. My gym membership is up on July 1st, so I figured I had to get into the habit of going again, otherwise I wouldn't get back around to it at all.

Yesterday I had a cup of earl grey tea with a packet of Splenda for breakfast, and had a cheese stick around 10am for a snack. Lunch was out of the salad bar at Kirk's Supermarket with oil & balsamic vinegar and a handful of pistachios. I had a few more nuts later on in the afternoon and then stopped in at the gym on the way home. 30 mins on the elliptical trainer (didn't want to overdo it on the first day back) :) and then home for dinner. I grilled up some chicken tenders on the George Foreman grill, chilled them and then sliced em up and put it on a Caesar salad.

This morning was a bit rough, but I remember that it was tough last year when me and my old girlfriend did it together. EGT and a cheese stick at 10am, and a couple pistachios before lunch. I was pretty hungry by the time lunch rolled around and already had a headache and was pretty crabby. I had a flatbread at Quizno's which was pretty good considering. The “low-carb wraps” at Subway are disgusting. yeesh. After lunch the clock started slowing down, and so did I. At 3:00 I busted out the sugar free jello to tide me over. It didn't, but I didn't cave, either.

At 4:15, I was starting to get ready to wind down and head out around 4:35 for the gym, but the friggin power went out. A few minutes of frenzied action to get the servers shut down before the UPSes gave out and then we realized that the a/c was off, too. Temp went up about 5 degrees by the time we got the servers secured. The power came back on just before 5, and I made it to the gym by 5:20. Just going up the stairs I could feel a little burn in my legs and got a sinking feeling in my stomach (which took a long time, because my stomach turned into a bottomless pit) I got on the elliptical trainer and made it through to 30 mins of interval training and cool down and climbed down off the machine. woo. That didn't feel too good. I called it a day and headed home. I had a steak in the freezer at home, but I didnt wanna wait for it to thaw out, so I stopped in at Fosters and picked up another one.

I grilled up the steak and steamed some broccoli to go with it, and had a salad with tomatoes on it to go with. I have some energy now, but my ass is really dragging. The good news that I wont have a problem getting to sleep tonight. The better news, if you can believe it, is that I've dropped 3.5 lbs in 24 hours. I weighed myself on the digital scale at the gym yesterday and today and there's a 3.5 lb difference. My first thought was that it was water weight, but if anything, I drank more water than I usually do. I filled up a bottle three times today at work (and made about 9 trips to the bathroom) :D

One of Renee's divemaster's or instructors (can't remember which) is having a bday party down at Calico Jacks, so I might head down there for a half hour or so and then come back here and crash before 10.

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