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Friday, June 11, 2004

In the two years (almost) that I've owned the car, it's been hit FOUR times. The first time was in front of Treasure Island Resort. A Taxi driver stopped in the driveway. He put his car in reverse. I beeped my horn at him, I flashed my lights at him, yet he started backing up anyway. I LEANED on my horn as he got closer, yet he still didn't see, hear or stop. Crunch. He got out of the car, laughed, looked at his car, said “oh there's no damage” and then got back in his car and drove off. Upon closer inspection, there was damage. all the paint on my bumper cover was cracked where it compressed to take the blow.

That was followed a couple months later by a tailgater who was so close to me (at 40mph) all the way up West Bay Road in the rain, that I could not see his headlights. When we came to a curve and there was a semi-trailer backing up and blocking both lanes of traffic, I stopped. He didn't and slid into me hitting me from behind. He jumped out and said “There's no damage!” but I said “BS to that, it's dark out” and called the RCIP. They said since it was minor that they wouldn't send someone out, just to exchange information and let the insurance companies deal with it. Guess what? He didnt have insurance! and all the paint on my REAR bumper was no cracked from the impact.

The third one was a flat-out hit-and-run. I was in West Shore Center in Subway, parked next to a brand new Mercedes C220. He left before I did, and when he did, he turned his wheel and backed out, and put his front corner into the side of my car. He also continued out and left the scene. Someone else who saw it wrote down his license plate number and gave it to me. I took the details to the RCIP and they said they would look it up and contact him and get back to me. They never did. So now I have cracked front and rear bumpers, and a big dent right behind the right wheel and the passenger door.

Last night was the fourth accident. I was in the parking lot of the Mirco center, at the back corner. As I turned right into the aisle between the building and the parking lot, a car came out of the back parking lot lane and right into me. We hit front-corner to front-corner. He was going fast enough that he dragged half the side of his car along the corner of mine, damaging his front fender, his front passenger door and his rear passenger door. The door pillar between his front and rear doors was where it “grabbed” at my fender and started tearing it open and off. At the time, we just exchanged information and moved on, but after talking to the RCIP, the bodyshop, the insurance company, my boss and the UK Highway Code online, I was in the right-of-way and I was approaching from the right, so he should have yielded. My boss Clif also thinks there's a solid white line across that lane, which signifies a stop (even though there is no Stop Sign posted)

Last night I was thinking of negotiating positions, and was willing to concede 25% fault, now Im willing to concede 0%. I'm making a report with British Caymanian Insurance at lunch time, and then I'll give him the choice to either pony up $900 for repairs, or file a claim against him through BritCay. He'll have to decide if he thinks $900 is less than how much he'll pay in losing his No Claims discount and increased premiums.

And let's not forget the coconut through the windshield a few months ago, either!

Now I just have to convince him that it was his fault.


14:30 update: muthaluvin insurance company's preliminary finding is that *I* was at fault because I was turning and he was going straight! what kind of shit is that? That's based on the quick sketch I drew on her desk for her. Guess Im going to have to go and take pictures to show that I was on the road, and he was entering the road.

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Friday, June 11, 2004 11:36:28 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
You forgot to mention the big, hairy, brown, coconut that also made a great impact on your windsheild.

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