Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Friday, January 7, 2005

One of the posts I made about cleaning up after Hurricane Ivan has been picked up and used as the basis for an article in the Cayman Net News.

“The buildings across the street from us were gutted and lost their roofs completely. So did we have good luck, did we have luck from the Feng Shui coin protecting the room, or was it a huge co-incidence? I don't know; perhaps I should have put that coin in my car”
Feng Shui is an ancient eastern art of creating living and working environments that are in tune with nature, and Maureen Powers, the former mangaer of Grand Cayman's Feng Shui store commenting on Mr Faccin's story said:
“It doesnt surprise me as I have heard of this type of thing many times before, where flood waters or even fire seems to miss one home while destroying another. Often the home that has been missed has residents who are in tune with their environments, homes where people have made a conscious decision to create a protective environment”.
Ms Powers also believes that whose who have an awareness and more importantly a respect for the natural environment in and around where they live, are likely to create safer places.
Regardless of the powers of Feng Shui, Mr. Faccin remains grateful for his escape from the wrath of Ivan and who knows perhaps a small Chinese coin on the corner of Seven Mile Beach may have saved us all”

The only down side of the article was the picture they used. I ran into Wendy, who wrote the article, last night and she said she went through my entire photo albums looking for a picture to use, but “You looked drunk in all the pictures.” :) who knew?? The picture they did take and then crop was low-res so Im lookin pretty grainy in the newspaper.

Update! Cayman Net News has updated their webpage to today's edition. Click here or go to Cayman Net News, click today's paper and then click page 41.

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