Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Monday, June 4, 2007
The new version that was released a few days ago now supports dasBlog natively, which is the software that this website runs on. The best feature of the new Live Writer is that now it supports uploading of photos via HTTP. Before, it was kind of clunky as I had to upload the pics to flickr, navigate to the page, click all sizes, click the small link, then copy the html, come back here, go to HTML view and paste it in, THEn I could mess with the alignment settings and whatnot. Very labor intensive.

With the new version, I can click "insert photo" nav to the folder in my My Documents\My Pictures folder, select it and it automatically inserts a smaller version of it along with a drop shadow. Pretty cool stuff. I did the two posts about Rome last night using the new Windows Live Writer to try it out. You can set the picture to be a link to the jpg itself (default) or none, or a URL and put in a new URL. That way I could insert it locally and then make the picture link to something else, such as all the photos on flickr with the same tags (ie the picture of St Peter's square panoramic yesterday could itself be a link to which would take you to all my photos that are tagged with panoramic).

There are some other neat things in there that it does, or does better than before, but this is by far the one feature that was worth the upgrade. Maybe it has to do with the recent upgrade of the software we're running here, but we upgraded that for the Aksimet spam filtering plugin more than anything else. I also enabled Feedburner instead of the built-in rss thing. If you're using the built-in RSS feed, might I suggest you re-add it as ?

Next up, get this place re-skinned, clean up the categories and figure out how to re-tag everything that's tagged as "Cayman" because that's 95% of the posts. I liken it to putting a label on your monitor that says MONITOR and one on your mouse that says MOUSE. :)

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