Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nothing sucks quite as hard as having to move... I suppose the blessing in Cayman is that 99% of rentals are furnished so you don't have to rent a truck and move all that heavy shit around. Still, all that packing and unpacking is a pain in the arse.

I downsized, again, on this move. I think I threw out about three big garbage bags full of stuff this time around, but I still have SO MUCH STUFF...

We were able to move into the new house (yes HOUSE, not an apartment this time) on Wednesday the 30th. I had to work, but John said he would just run trips back and forth in his jeep, so long as the boxes were downstairs. I had everything packed up by Wednesday morning, and marked "kitchen", "bathroom", "bedroom" etc. and john just dropped everything in the garage and we sorted it out later. In the end it took John about eight trips in the jeep, and when I got there after work, we loaded up his filing cabinet and my desk & chair and a few odds and ends and got everything out.

Thursday the cleaners came in and gave everything a top-to-bottom scrubbing and the old landlady is going by this weekend to inspect it. I'm sure she's going to grouse about the couch, but that's it, that's all. We didn't even break a single glass or a plate all year. Conversely, I broke a glass in the new house today when I was unpacking the kitchen. :) Fortunately it was one of my own...

Wednesday night I busied myself with making sure I had a bed to sleep in, clothes to wear to work Thursday and enough to wash and brush my teeth in the morning. Since then I've slowly been unpacking a little bit at a time. Bedroom is 90%+ done, bathroom is about 80% done, and after this afternoon, Kitchen is about 75% done.

Oh, the computer/server is set up, that got done on Wednesday night too after bedroom and bathroom :) We had no internet, but we had our internal network so we could stream video and music. I pulled some strings at Cable & Wireless and got our landline transferred and DSL hooked back up by Friday morning, instead of the Thursday AFTER next, which is when the CSA told me it would be done. As if.

This afternoon, after "testing" my VoIP phone with an hour or so phone call to my parents, I unpacked and plugged in the Xbox 360. Our current TV is a cheap Apex 24 or 25" TV. It's not bad, but it's not good, either. Once our other roommate gets here, I'm sure we'll upgrade, probably to a 42" widescreen. I was pleasantly surprised to find component inputs on the back of the TV, so I plugged the Xbox in to that. The last thing to do was get the Xbox 360 connected to our network to get online. Fortunately I had a pair of Linksys Powerline Ethernet adapters that I was using at the old apartment to run a second AP for wireless coverage. I plugged one end in to the wall by the TV and the other to the plug behind my computer and then plugged ethernet cables into each end... I fired up the xbox 360 and voila, "Docjelly360 has signed in to Xbox Live"


I plugged the VGA cable into the back of my monitor so I can move the xbox over there easily if need be, and while I was there fired up Windows Media Player 11. The built-in sharing feature of WMP11 works with the xbox to stream audio and video, and with the Fall Update, the Xbox 360 can now play XviD format video. I went back to the TV, grabbed an xbox controller, went to the Media tab on the Xbox Dashboard, moved down to Video, clicked through and there were all the recorded TV shows on my computer! Just like that, full-screen, good resolution (as high as the TV can handle anyway) shows. I'm watching Brisco County Jr right now, just for shits & grins until I can switch over to the local cable channel (who pirate CBC and re-broadcast Hockey Night in Canada... the one thing I missed about not having TV at the last two apartments for the last two years).

Tonight I'm going to take 'er easy and tomorrow, after Vespa Church that is, I'll see if I can finish unpacking the kitchen and actually use it to prep and cook real food and stop eating the microwavable crap I've been getting by on for the last few days!

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