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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Picking up where I left off a few days ago (I just started typing and suddenly I had two pages of words and I hadn't even really started talking about what I planned to), I got a text message from +811. (roll eyes) LAAAAAME. +811 is the caller-id of Cable & Wireless' Customer Service/Sales dept and generally messages from them are come-ons  "last chance to whatever!" but this one was different. The message said "Save 40% on mobile handsets on our 40th anniversary on December 7th!" yadda yadda yadda. I looked at my watch and saw that it was the 6th of December.

I went back and checked their website again, and saw that the price on the Sony Ericsson w810i was still $439. I opened up calculator and multiplied it by .6 and it came out to roughly $262 CI, or about $313USD. Holy cow, for one day out of 40 years, Cable & Wireless was  actually priced competitively compared to online merchants. On a hunch, I dialed up Kelly, the account rep with the mostess at Cable & Wireless and asked her if I could use mobile rewards points in conjunction with the 40% off sale and she told me yes. Holy cow!

Mobile Rewards Points is a scheme that Cable & Wireless has for their post-paid mobile phone plans. Depending on which 'level' of service (number of minutes per month) you have, you get x number of mobile rewards points each month if you pay your bill on time. My plan, the bottom of the ladder, I get four points per month and it's on direct debit, so it's always paid on time. I've never cashed any of them in, either so I had about 130 of them. That made the $439CI phone come down to $134CI. Now we're talkin! I decided to go by Cable & Wireless' store at the Galleria to check it out, see how it felt in my hand, play with the buttons and see what it's like and if I liked it, I'd go back the next day when the sale was and pick it up dirt cheap.

If you recall, November only has 30 days. My watch said 31 on the 1st of December, so now that my watch said 6, it was really the 7th. Scott went with me and when we pulled in there were blue and white balloons everywhere and banners and flags and people EVERYWHERE. They were packed. I went in, played with the w810i and decided it was pretty nice. I flagged down a CSR and asked her for one, and asked her "Do you have the one in white?" (I saw the white one on the web and it looked pretty slick) she said no, they don't carry it, just the black one. Oh well. I'll take a black one then. I went and stood in line, and she came out with one and smiled and said "I didn't think we had the white one, but I did find one back there." Cool! I finally got up to the cashier and he scanned it in and asked for my phone/account number and asked me how I wanted to pay. I pulled out my wallet, and checked how much cash I had on me and pulled out my debit card. He asked me if I wanted to put it on my account instead. Wha? Sure, ok. (that way it comes out of my account AFTER payday this month!) Next he asked me how many months I wanted to spread it across?

"You can do that?" I blurted?

"yes, you can pay for it on one, two or three billing cycles". I chose two, so now instead of shelling out ANYTHING for a CI$439, I got it got 40% off, then minus $130 for mobile reward points, then the remaining $134 split across two phone billing cycles. Sweet!

I got back to the office and plugged it in to charge it up. When I got home that night, I fired up my mobilesync program and backed up all my SMS and address book from my old phone, pulled the battery and SIM card and put all the bits and pieces in a Ziploc and filed it in the networking drawer in the file cabinet.

Next time I get diarrhea of the fingers (not a pretty visual) I'll post up my observations on configuring and most importantly syncing the address book back to it and my opinion of the phone after using it for a week or two.

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