Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Thursday, November 6, 2008

This morning a gigantic heavy box was delivered to my office. It was one of the two UPS devices I ordered to go along with the two new servers that are being delivered hopefully this week.

I dragged it into the server room and left it there to get it out of reception and left it there. I found myself with a few minutes to spare so I went to take a look at it, and maybe install it into the bottom of the rack without connecting it to anything.

I opened the box and removed the bag of cables/documentation and something didn’t seem right. There was a power cord for European-style 2-prong power and a thick 3-pronged 220v dryer/welder-type of connector cable. Uh-oh.

I double-checked and sure enough, the outlets on the wall near my rack are regular 120v outlets (higher amperage sure, but 120v connectors) I removed a little more of the packaging and sure enough, the UPS is set up for 230v operation. Shit.

I went back and checked the SKU number against the website from the packing list and it’s an APC 2U Rackmount UPS with input line voltage of 230v. Completely my fault. I quickly emailed my account rep and asked him to try and stop the delivery of the other one, and issue me an RMA to return this one. I also needed him to re-configure my invoice to return these two and sell me two of the correct ones.

The correct ones are actually a little bit cheaper, and hopefully I don’t get charged a re-stocking fee, otherwise there won’t be any cost-savings at all. Shipping this (these?) heavy motherflowers back is going to cost an arm and a leg as well.

Fortunately, it was shipped from their fulfillment warehouse locally here in Richmond, so perhaps I can load this thing in the trunk of my Honda Civic (fingers crossed) and drive it out there myself and save a couple hundred bucks or more in shipping.

Fingers crossed. :)

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