Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Saturday, July 23, 2005

I started using Firefox around 0.9.something. I had it installed “in addition” to IE, and as I got used to tabbed browsing, I slowly started using it more and more. Last time I did a re-install, I installed Firefox and set it as the default web browser. It crashed every now and then, usually on a PDF link, but no big deal.

Tonight, I left my laptop on with Firefox open. Two tabs: My Yahoo and Gmail inbox. Seb and I went down to Canton for dinner, gone for maybe an hour and a bit. I come home and come upstairs and can hear the fans going full-blast on my laptop. I checked th systray and i8kfangui reported my processor temperature at 62c. Not good. The processor was running at almost 100% for no good reason.

I popped open the Windows Task Manager, and there was the culprit: Firefox.exe was using up 80% of the CPU and chewing up more than 50mb of RAM. For what? it wasn't DOING anything...

I ran a spyware scan and came up clean, just a couple cookies. Then I Googled for an answer and found a few other people with the same issues, but no one had any idea why. Who knows...

For now, just make sure you don't leave firefox open when you're not actively using it, especially with a laptop. Running that fast chews up battery power and running that hot for a long period of time just isn't good for the cpu or other bits & pieces.

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