Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Monday, February 6, 2006

Eight days and counting... til Valentine's day? Hell no. February 14th will mark the return of Legendz Sports Bar at Cayman Falls (across from the Westin). Not only was it the closest bar to home (before the hurricane) but they had many 36” TVs plus two huge projector screens that they just replaced before the hurricane. (ouch). The managers there were cool, they even gave us official permission to bring a couple Xboxes in there and hook em up to the projectors for eight-player HALO. Not only is the Legendary (ha ha, get it?) Feddy going to be behind the bar. NOT ONLY are they having a soft-opening the night before Olympic Hockey starts...

Legendz is now within WALKING DISTANCE of my new apt! (future post) it's gonna be awwwwweeeeeesooooome!

Update 02/16/2006: Due to some “delivery problems” on some equipment, they haven't re-opened yet and re-scheduled their opening for next wednesday, the 22nd. Still in time for the medal rounds of the Men's Hockey in Turin :)

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