Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Saturday, June 5, 2004

First of all, I'm happy to see that there is no team in the final who practices/uses the Neutral Zone Trap. Nothing is more boring to watch than a team that does absolutely nothing. Dan Wetzel, a reporter on Yahoo! Sports wrote a great article last week about it. Today I saw a headline that said Games 3-5 had the lowest ratings in the US since 1998's Stanley Cup Final. I'm calling bullshit on that one. The point is not great ratings, the point is watching a great game. If a good, fast, back-and-forth game is something that “casual” fans who need that flashing Fox Sports SuckPuck can't watch, then what the heck is?

Im in the unique position that I'll be happy no matter who wins Game Seven Monday night. Im still a little bitter that Calgary knocked out Vancouver in the first round, BUT, I'm pulling for Calgary so as to bring the Cup home to Canada. On the other hand, Tampa is my new “home team” from down here. Heck, my packet8 phone is a Tampa area code! So when Tampa scored it's first goal tonight, it was kind of a flukey goal. Calgary's first goal was a beauty give-and-go. Im just looking for good hockey, and good sports drama! Nothing would be better than like a 0-0 tie and go to overtime. The icing on that cake would be for Gelinas to get that overtime goal.

Im pretty much finished in the hockey pool. I picked last out of 14, and was dead last through the whole playoffs. It wasnt until the finals that I actually moved up to 9th place from 14th, because I had 3 Tampa players picked. My traitor brother has Iginla and Conroy left (who woulda thunk back in April?) Mom has 2 or 3 Tampa players, and Buttcheese Aaron is still in 1st place and will probably stay there with Martin St Louis and Fedotenko left. He's 12 points ahead of second place with only one game left.

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