Shivering on the 49th Parallel
Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yeah Yeah, I know. It's been five or six weeks now. I was on vacation last week, so I didn't do any running, plus I was waiting to get some new shoes as my old ones seemed to cause shin splints. I bought some new shoes while I was in Vancouver (enough shoes that I thought I was starting to grow a vagina and Bank of America actually called/emailed me and cut off my card because of "irregular activity" on the card! I hadn't bought shoes in 7 or 8 years, so I did actually need new ones. New Doc Marten's, new work shoes, and a new pair of trainers for running.

I tried on about 20 pairs of runners before narrowing it down to a pair of Asics, a pair of New Balance and a pair of Nikes. In the end I went for the Nike Air + Pegasus. They felt good AND they had the little hole in the bottom to put the Nike+ iPod transmitter. Being a nerd, I opted for the iPod integrated shoes. :)

I worked late last night and didn't go for a run, so I left early (6ish) while it was still light out, put the transmitter in the shoe, jacked in the receiver to my Nano and shoved it into my armband and went for a run. Unfortunately I didn't TURN ON THE WORKOUT so it didn't register anything! Bunch of arse.

It was kind of noticeable right from the beginning the difference between my seven year old gorilla-glued-together Adidas. My feet hurt, pretty bad at one point on the outsides of my feet but I wrote that off to "new shoes" and pressed on. No pain just below my knees like before, but I've also not been running for nearly two weeks. I could actually feel the springiness in my step. I also finished above pace and ended the last interval right by the Texaco in Hell. I'm hoping to run again Thursday and Saturday and start week two next week. Like I haven't said THAT before!

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