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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I can sit all day and talk hockey. Less so with football (NFL or CFL... how many teams are left in the CFL anyway? 4 or 5? not much of a league if you ask me). I watch the last couple weeks of NFL playoffs and the Super Bowl, I watch the World Series, I'll watch the NBA finals but can't possibly follow a whole season (especially baseball). I even watched the NCAA basketball tournament this year (and won the pool!) and sort of keep track of who's beating who for the last five or six years. Then there's soccer/football. Down here with the British influence, Premiership coverage in the sports pages are fairly prevalent (as are cricket and rugby) so it's always there on my back burner

This year of course was a World Cup year, and in 2004 before the hurricane I was following the Euro because it was a championship. (see above) This weekend are the first matches of the Premiership over in the UK. I'm just saying, now, before the season starts, that I'm putting my support behind Tottenham. Say what you want, that's where my support is going. This just could be "their year" (of course as a Canucks fan, I've been saying THAT since I grew my first pube) and if I'm right, then next year everybody will be wearing Spurs jerseys and saying that they've been fans all along...

Speaking of soccer, what's up with the Vancouver Whitecaps?? I remember going to their games at Empire Stadium when I was a kid, and then they played some games at BC Place in the mid-80s but then they (and the whole NASL) just sort of faded away. Now they're back, they're trying to build a new stadium, and who's the manager of the team, the guy pulling all the strings and greasing all the skids? None other than Bobby fucking Lenarduzzi! My first thought was "well no doubt, who else would?" but the second was "You GO, boy!"

Just a couple months ago I was saying to someone that I was getting "sports'd out" with Stanley Cup, NBA finals AND the World Cup going on all at once, but I think that was just a warm-up. NFL is in preseason, NHL training camp starts soon, World Series is coming up and the EPL starts this weekend, too.

On a somewhat related note, I downloaded and tried out Sage TV V5 the other day and it's stunningly gorgeous. The only problem was that it didn't recognize my TV Tuner, the AverMedia UltraTV USB300 so it made the whole exercise pointless. What with weird channels and weird times, I may have to upgrade to a PCI dual-tuner card and time-shift games to catch them all... or just spend more time in Legendz than I already do.

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Monday, July 10, 2006
FORZA ITALIA! OK now that that's out of the way...
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Sunday, July 4, 2004

Greece is the Euro 2004 champion? Did I hear that right? I think I heard/read somewhere that Greece had never won an international match before this year... and they take the Euro 2004 cup. Shocking.

Speaking of Shocker, suck it Moniz!

Apparently at the beginning of the tournament, betting houses were offering 80:1 odds on Greece taking the cup.

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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Spain out... Italy out... England out... Germany out...

Could be a Portugual/Czech Republic final, could be a Netherlands/Greece final... who knows? It's wide open. Whatever happens, it should make for good matches and good games to watch. Hopefully the final isnt decided on penalty kicks, because that's pretty random. I think it was 94 when Baggio put his shot over the crossbar and not even close to the net against Brasil, and this time around it was Beckham who did the same. Of course, there's also the curse of England in shootouts, or the curse of England in matches against host nations to fall back on.

Portugual/Greece would be a good final to watch... of course all the games in our time zone are in the afternoon, so I could only “watch” from the ESPN Gamecast. I wonder what the odds are on A) a POR/GRE final and B) a GRE win?

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Here in Cayman, we don't observe Daylight Savings Time, so that means that right now, we're on Central Time (and in the winter we're on Eastern Time) so that means that Portugual is six hours ahead of us.

That means that the games are on at 11:00am and 1:45pm when I'm at work. Yesterday was a holiday, so it was good, even though Italy drew with Denmark. The Euro 2004 website has Real Streaming Media for listening to the games (not sure if you have to pay) and you can get an Audio/Video subscription for $14.95 that will give you play-by-play to every game and selected video highlights at half time and end-time (I think)

A half-step below that is ESPN's Soccernet Gamecast. It's basically a window with a “chat window” where you can get/read the live play by play, and stats, and an image of the field. It shows you where shots are coming from, where goals were scored from, and things like that. If you mouseover one of the “spots” on the field, it has a tooltip that shows you more details. It's pretty cool and since I can get away with having an extra explorer window open on my desktop at work, and probably couldnt get away with streaming audio and video to my work computer, it's going to be how I follow the Euro 2004 tournament this time around.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004 11:11:02 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) | Comments [0] | Soccer#
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